11 Habits You Should Try Your Best to Have

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Here 11 habits are given to you as suggestions. Remember that once you have all of them, your life quality will be greatly improved.

1. Don’t go to bed with your mobile phone.

Nowadays people are so addicted to the mobile phones that they often go to bed with their mobile phone. Actually there is great harm for people to go to bed with mobile phones. People often delay the time to fall asleep because they often play with their phones for a while. Moreover, playing mobile phones in bed will really do great harm to people’s eyes and cervical vertebra. So you should learn to be far away from mobile phones before falling asleep. Instead, you can read for a while and sleep in time. This will ensure that you’ll have enough sleep.

2. Have breakfast in time.

You should remember to have breakfast everyday. After all, our body is hungry for a whole night when we get up early in the morning. If we can’t fill in food and energy in time, our body is easy to break down. Morning is the most important period in each day. A high quality breakfast will ensure enough energy for your body.

3. Be 10 minutes earlier for everything.

When you have the habit of reserve 10 minutes for yourself for everything, you will have enough preparations. If you are always 10 minutes earlier for everything, you can guarantee yourself 10 minutes for yourself so that you won’t always be in an emergency state.

4. Set a priority on all items.

There should be some priorities on a list of items to do. In each of your working days, you shouldn’t make everything in a mess. Instead, you should make clear of the importance of everything and think calmly to set a priority on all items to do.

When you can ensure that you can finish all things of a day in time, you can both guarantee efficiency in your work and make use of your time reasonably.

5. Learn to refuse.

Some people will just consider it reasonable for you to help him. But once if you couldn’t help him, he would have a strange hate to you. So it’s really important for you to learn to refuse others in time and don’t let others depend on your help.

6. Learn to think in others’ positions.

Try your best not to seek for help from others so frequently. Even once you’re going to open your mouth, you should try to learn to think in others’ positions. You can try to ask yourself will you help him or not if someone ask for similar help from you. If it’s no, you had better think of some other methods.

This way also applies to many other things. When you try your best to think about problems from others angles, you will find the way to deal problems really matters.

7. Listen to others patiently.

First, listening to others patiently is really a respect to your partner in the speaking occasion and it’s really a fundamental courtesy in social occasions. Second, someone will always be excellent among three. We can gain what we really want from others’ words if we really have heart. So it’s an important route to absorb wisdom from others.

8. Keep doing exercises.

Life is all about exercises. So you should learn to form the habit of doing exercises. There are different ways of doing exercises. You can do exercises in the fitness room, or take running on the playground in your building.

9. Learn to manage finance.

Many people who earn much still like to spend all they have. They just spend in a casual way as they like and don’t have any financial management plan. Financial management is a big issue in one’s life. You can accumulate a sum of big fortune if you know how to manage finance. You can even deal with emergencies in case you meet any tough emergencies.

10. Be far away from complaints and reflect yourself often.

Don’t be busy complaining whenever you meet any problems. Complaints won’t gain you any success but will hurt your feelings instead. Whenever you meet something unhappy, try your best to seek for reasons from yourself. By sincere reflection, you will gradually understand what good things you have done and what you haven’t done enough.

11. Control your emotions and be a gentle person.

Everyone has his or her own temper and they should learn to release their own emotions. It’s not a good way to vent your anger on someone else. Bad temper won’t help solve any problems. Instead, it will only make simple things more complex. The more mature and gentle you are,the more you can feel beauty and kindness in this world.

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