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  • Try to Change Yourself in the Year 2018

    2017-12-13 210
    Changes you can try your best to make in the next year 2018 are given here.1. Don’t underestimate anyone.Manage your temper in a proper way.Keep silent often because you may do something can’t be rescued under the driven of impulse.2. Relax yourself because you don’t have so many audience.Be a simple person, steady but practical.You aren’t indulging in fantasy and won’t trouble yoursel
  • Be Away from Those Who Consume You!

    2017-12-13 252
    Be away from those who consume you!You’ll find a toilet if you stay with a fly.You’ll find flowers if you stay with bees.You’ll earn millions of money if you stay with billionaires.You’ll beg in the street if you stay with beggars.It really matters to be with whom in your life. People who are close to you in your life may help change your life route and even affects success or failure
  • She Quarreled with Her Mother Again

    2017-12-13 210
    Here in this passage, three stories on why children are so rebellious. Story 1 is a quarrel of my friend with her mother. Story 2 is about Super Speaker. Story 3 is about a speech of Jobs in Stanford University.Story 1After quitting her previous job, my friend Lily found a new job in an insurance company and she enjoys it now.But what’s made her disappointed is that when she shared her mot
  • How to Manage Your Love?

    2017-12-13 189
    Love is full of mystery and magic and you can’t control it completely. You can’t trust love completely and you can’t trust that you and your lover won’t change your minds forever.The secret to maintain your love long-lasting is to manage your love at any time.There are 7 factors involved in love: full of vitality, passion, curiosity to future, optimism, self-respect, confidence, lo
  • Karaoke as A Dating Activity

    2017-12-13 248
    As one of the most interesting entertainment activities, karaoke is very popular among young people, especial for people who are in dating.The Fine PrintNothing says adorable fun like pinging off-key boy-band songs to each other in public. This date takes some courage but it is always good for a laugh. You can either do karaoke in a public bar (in which case, the cost is just whatever you
  • It’s A Responsibility to Live

    2017-12-12 218
    Life is a responsibility. Since you are still alive, you should take the responsibility to live. It’s not because that you’re too clinging but because you deserve it.We’re always on road with a deep footprint of shallow footprint. We’re on road when we’re sad or when there’s hope. We’re on road when we’re tired or happy. It’s impossible for anyone to enjoy a life with for
  • Do You Have Empathy?

    2017-12-12 223
    What is empathy?To make it complex, empathy a way of communication is to objectively understand inner feeling of the parties in action by standing on the position and angle of the parties in action, and to send your understanding to the parties in action.To make it simple, empathy goes as the saying : “don’t give others what you don’t want to be given.” To feel for others is to fee
  • 5 Top Experience Tips to Keep Good Health

    2017-12-12 277
    People who like keeping good health is very clear that it’s of great importance to keep a balanced diet, insist on keeping exercise and keep good mood. However, very few of us could do all as above.When it’s very hard to us to keep good habits, you had better not do anything which may injure health of your body to get rid of you from illnesses. Here in this article, 5 top experience ti