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Relationship Advice

We provide the professional advices on dating and relationship for you so as to help you find your soulmate!

  • Integrity Can Be Lost in Exchange for Ease and Comfort

    2017-11-22 251
    Are you a person good at cherishing integrity and value integrity more than other things such as ease and comfort? Integrity is often regarded as honesty, truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. To maintain integrity you need to maintain honesty, trustfulness and accuracy of your actions. However, you have to make great efforts to achieve this goal. Any failure in maintaining honesty,
  • Vocal Tonality Matters in Dating

    2017-11-22 185
    We actually have two “voices”: a “head” voice and a “chest” voice. Basically, when you sing, your head voice does the high notes and the chest voice does the low ones. Your head voice breathes out largely through your nose while yoru chest voice through your mouth. The head voice comes from the throat and the chest voice from the diaphragm.Try this exercise. Hum a note, then sl
  • Why Choosing Integrity Is A Way of Love Yourself?

    2017-11-22 278
    When it comes to self-love or self-esteem, core concept of integrity shall be involved as it is about fullness and completeness of self. If people are living under integrity, it often means people are generally following ways as below:1) being honest;2) Living a balanced and compartmentalized life;3) Often try to be who you are.A definition define integrity as “a concept of consistency of
  • How to Be His Shelf Prize?

    2017-11-22 208
    Do you want to be his shelf prize? Make an effort to understand his hobbies and interests. What he really likes and why? Is it sports? Hang gliding? Cooking? Does he love the mountains? Can he build things out of wood? Is he into German Shepherds? Ask him to teach you his hobbies and research these passions on your own. Many women go through their relationships without this key ingredient.
  • Make Your Life with Love in Small Ways

    2017-11-21 248
    Love in your life can be reflected in small ways such as clothes you wear, food you eat. Have you ever realized that your life can be in a better state if you seem to be clean and tidy in appearance and eat healthy food often.Keep yourself clean and tidy is a way of loving yourself. If you are good at observing people in your life. You can find that those who are happy always wear clean an
  • Relationships Are A Compromise but Don’t Compromise on the Basics

    2017-11-21 192
    Relationships are a compromise, but don't compromise on the basics. Compromise on movie choices, politics, tidiness and the fact that one partner may be an extrovert while the other is an introvert. These are fun compromises which help us grow and love.As we’ve previously discussed, everyone has baggage, but let’s give you a fighting chance to survive the relationship. You don’t
  • What Is True behind “It’s Not the Truth”

    2017-11-21 234
    If the “it’s not the truth” state is where you find yourself in marriage, you’re encouraged to read the article about leaving the past behind you.Part of the trick is not to take the things the little voice in your head as saying “the truth”. Remember the next time when you start feeling discouraged. Everything that everyone does or says is in support of experiencing something
  • A Spirit of Discipline and Self-control Are Indispensable

    2017-11-21 257
    God’s Word teaches us that when we receive Christ as our Savior and Lord, He gives us His nature. He also gives us a spirit of discipline and self-control, which is vital in allowing us to choose the ways of our new nature. He also gives us a sound mind (see 2 Tim. 1:7), and that means we can think about things properly without being controlled by emotion. The way we once were passes awa