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  • Frank Sinatra's Wife Barbara Sinatra Died at 90

    2017-07-26 148
    Barbara Sinatra, a former Las Vegas showgirl and the last of Frank Sinatra's four wives, has died at age 90.Barbara Sinatra, philanthropist and wife of the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, died on Tuesday at 90 years old.John Thoresen, director of the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center, told CNN Sinatra died of natural causes. She was surrounded by family and friends at her home in R
  • Raising Frequencies of Energy

    2017-07-26 141
    Intricately tied to the concept of the Law and energy is frequency. The Law states that everything in the universe, whether tangible, such as your body, other persons, objects, money, events or other physical things and whether intangible, such as ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and other abstract things are made of energy. While everything is made of energy, there are different leve
  • How Do You Think of First Impressions?

    2017-07-26 161
    First impressions are crucial. Studies show that we base the majority of our perception of people on the first few minutes we spend with them. This initial perception can extend and influence our relationship to the person for weeks or even months.If you look at all of the women you’ve dated seriously, just about all of them ,it felt "on” within the first few minutes of the intera
  • Do You Always Tell Someone How You Feel?

    2017-07-26 134
    We all have an inbred desire to tell someone how we feel, but telling the wrong person only makes our problems worse. Talking excessively about a situation can easily drift into complaining, and that is a sin. Take time to read the upcoming Scriptures and really consider what they are saying:We must not gratify evil desire and indulge in immorality as some of them did — and twenty-three
  • What Killed The Relationship?

    2017-07-26 181
    Jealousy killed the relationship, and it has been guilty of killing millions of relationships since time began. People cannot live a life where they feel there is no trust, there is no room to breathe, and they feel like they are being suffocated. Unfortunately, jealous people do just that. They hold onto their belief about how the relationship should be manifested, and when their partne
  • You know about Eileen Chang’s Sorrow, but You don’t know about Her Excellence

    2017-07-25 154
    When you’re alive, it’s not the world makes you happy but it’s you who have chosen to be happy.Why Eileen Chang left her rich family?When Eileen Chang was 17 in 1937. She came across her first choice to stay with her own mother who had came back from abroad after finishing her study. However, back to her father’s family, her stepmother just gave her a big slap on her face hearing h
  • Making Amends with Your Children

    2017-07-25 110
    The next step broadens the efforts that Rebuilders need to make if they want to bring healing to their families.Successful Rebuilders recognize the impact and damage of parental affairs upon their children and seek to make amends.One of the most common complaints I hear from wounded spouse is how clueless the unfaithful spouse is about their children’s feelings. I am always amazed at bet
  • What’s Your Personality Type?

    2017-07-25 170
    One of the most valuable things in life is to know yourself. If you are sanguine, then just know that you will need to be careful not to let your emotions lead your life.Don’t purchase things emotionally, talk emotionally, eat emotionally, or make serious decisions too quickly. Think about what you are doing before making commitments and crave balance rather than allowing your emotions t