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Relationship Advice

We provide the professional advices on dating and relationship for you so as to help you find your soulmate!

  • Why You Are Your Own Highest Authority in Marriage?

    2017-10-20 164
    It’s true. Sometimes you’ll receive well-intended advice that doesn’t seem to give with what you’re feeling. Just like the shortest path between two points is a straight line, the shortest path to a happy life is through conscious choice. But in order to make conscious choices you need to be very clear about what’s most important to you. No one else, expert or not, can tell you t
  • 5 Top Tips to Prepare Yourself for Autumn in China

    2017-10-20 226
    Undoubtly autumn is the best season all over the year in China, still you need to do some preparations to make this time more comfortbale and happy in this period of time. Tips to prepare yourself for autumn in Asian countries are given in this article.Power off the air conditioner.It’s always cool in autumn in China as the average temperature ranges from 15 ℃ to 25 ℃ in most areas i
  • Why Asian Women Are Great Smart Phone Users ?

    2017-10-20 248
    According to relevant media, a newest research report released by Zenith has forcasted that global smart phone users will increase continously. Among all countries, with almost 1.3 billion smart phone users, China rank the No. 1 in terms of smart phone users all over the world. India ranks No. 2 for its 0.53 billion smart phone users while America is the third largest country with lot of
  • What Asian Girls Are Always Interested in?

    2017-10-20 280
    Interests and hobbies are important to us as we need hobbies to spend our spare time in a meaningful way. Interests actually can help shape our personal temperament to a certain degree. With the development of economy in Asian countries, Asian girls are becoming more popular all over the world. What interests do most asian girls have in their daily life? More and more Asian girls are int
  • Online Dating Etiquette and Other Tips

    2017-10-19 246
    Online dating is unlike any other dating experience. You will come across many different types of people, but you should still hold your ground to care about online dating etiquette in any case. Remember that you don't owe anyone a response, especially if they are rude, annoying or intrusive. However, if someone contacts you in the nicest possible manner, you should always reply even
  • Top 3 Subjective Factors Affecting Young Female Consumers in China

    2017-10-19 250
    Subjective factors mainly refer to a person’s inner psychological activity or self-subconcious under the influence from both the environmental factors from outside and characteristics of the person himself or herself. Subjective factors affecting young female consumers in China involves in their own personal value,consumption psychologcial activities and lacking of the capability of co
  • Top 3 Objective Factors Affecting Young Female Consumers in China

    2017-10-19 271
    Our daily behaviors are affected by factors in our environment. Like your personality is affected by your family environment where you grow up, young female consumers in China are also affected by some objective factors from the outside. Here in this article, top 3 objective factors affecting young female consumers in China are introduced: 1.influence from their families; 2. influence fr
  • What’s Your Fantasy about the One?

    2017-10-18 270
    By asking about your fantasy, I refer merely to the shadowy fairytale partner lurking in your subconscious. The one who comes into sharp focus whenever talk of coupling up happens. It’s possible you've made a list; all the qualities that you knew God was laying on your heart. The perfect combination of personality, character, faith, age, physical appearance, and so much more that mea