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  • Banana Is A Happy Fruit to Eat

    2017-09-22 172
    Have you ever ate bananas? How much do you know about it? When you’re thinking about this question, you should first remember that banana is a happy fruit to eat. There is a saying goes that “a banana a day can keep the doctor away!” Here let’s have a look why banana is a happy fruit to eat.The banana is botanically a berry which grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant i
  • Ten Conscious Choices for Women to Tune in to Sexuality

    2017-09-22 221
    From boyhood on, men seem to tune in to sexuality more overtly and, in an unfair way, are regarded as the sexual experts. Girls are taught psychologically to control sexual impulses and do not tune in to sexuality as readily. Even their genitals are more hidden and not grasped every time they urinate as men’s are. The environment also takes a toll on sexual desire. In the midst of busy
  • Women Becoming More Easily Orgasmic

    2017-09-22 169
    You may be a newlywed and have just started on the journey of exploring your sexual sensations and becoming orgasmic; you might be a little disappointed that sexual arousal hasn't fallen into place more easily, because you find your husband very sexy. Maybe you have been married for years and have felt very frustrated that the pleasure of a climax has always eluded you. Somehow stimu
  • You Should Control Your Emotions instead of Denying Them

    2017-09-22 179
    It is important to me that you understand I am saying not to deny your emotions exist, but deny them the right to control you. We all have loads of feelings about hundreds if not thousands of different things. As I said, it seems that emotions have a mind of their own. If your health is not good, your emotions may possibly scream louder than normal, and that is to be expected. Pain is no
  • What Do You Often Do in the Morning?

    2017-09-22 231
    Now it’s cool autumn. When it comes to morning of a day. People have a lot to say and there are quite a lot of proverbs about morning of a day. People fall in love may say “morning without you is a dwindled dawn.” People who love life may say “when you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love — then mak
  • Physical Affection and Attachment Do Matter to Marriage

    2017-09-21 278
    It is common knowledge that a baby needs to trust and attach to his caretakers in infancy, or he will have real difficulties bonding with other people in later years. Babies need to be touched, cuddled, petted, and paid attention to in order to bond. The idea of attachment of babies applies to adults and marriage too. A mate must let his or her walls and defenses down and let the partner
  • From “I Am Okay” to “We Are Okay” in Sex Life

    2017-09-21 199
    What’s your attitude towards sex life? It’s a crazy dynamic in a relationship—you can get on either a positive or a negative roll. Insecurity and inadequacy feed on themselves and grow worse. Believing you are sexy, or not, becomes a selffulfilling prophecy. Confidence and greater skills create a platform for launching a couple into an even better sex life.Sexy Attitudes and Behavior
  • Happiness Is A Source of Enjoyment

    2017-09-21 204
    Many emotions need to be managed, but many of them can be a source of enjoyment. The first example of a positive emotion that comes to mind is happiness. I believe the main thing everyone wants in life is to be happy. No matter what our pursuits are, we hope they bring us happiness.If a person works hard to accomplish goals, she does it because it makes her feel happy. My daughter Sandra i