About Gifts & Flowers Delivery Service
Want to give her a big surprise and win her smile? Numerous good ideas are available in our Gifts and Flowers service for you to create romance! Beautiful flowers, Gym card, English courses, Hair Salon etc are what we offer to you for any special important date or purpose. You can show her your care of her health by sending her a gym card and your intention of growing herself by sending her English courses.It is our goal to guarantee the on-time delivery of all gifts to your lady. With the help of our Gifts and Flowers, you and her will enjoy the best romantic moment! Moreover, you will receive a photo of the lady with your gift by the time of delivery being made. You will see how much joy in her eyes and her appreciation for your care and love!

How Delivery Works
As soon as the order is made, we will start the delivery service. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to make the delivery. When the delivery has been made, you will get a notification with a photo in your Delivery Tracking. All the gifts are directly delivered to the lady’s house by our platform.

Cancellation Policy
Orders placed by mistake are fully refunded in case they are not delivered yet or cancelled within 24 hours after the placement.
Orders placed by mistake or cancelled beyond 24 hours may be refunded only in case that they are not delivered yet. Refund will be issued with a cancellation fee of 2 credits.
Orders placed by mistake that have already been delivered are not refundable.
If you want to cancel the order, please contact us.

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