Live Chat

Live Chat is one of the most welcomed services which enables you to exchange instant messages with ladies. You can only start Live Chat when both you and the lady are online.

Functions included in Live Chat are as follows:
1. You can send and view photos during chat.
2. You can send and view virtual gifts during chat.
3. Emojis are available for free during chat.
4. You can delete the messages sent. But photos and virtual gifts sent can not be deleted.
5. All the ladies that you have contacted are displayed at your contact list.

How much does it cost?

You can chat free with each lady for 5 minutes each day. 1 credit will be charged for each 10 minutes after the free chat.

Sending and viewing photos during chat is billed at 1 credit per photo. Sending and viewing virtual gifts during chat is billed at 1 credit per virtual gift.

Please click End Chat button when you want to finish a conversation. If you did not, the chat will disconnect after 2 minutes of inactivity in the chat window.

Due to IMBRA regulations, you are not allowed to exchange contact information through Live Chat. You can exchange personal information with a lady by using our Call Lady service and Gifts&Flowers service.

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