Email is composed of 3 parts, Inbox, Sent Mail and Compose New Mail. All the emails are charged 1 credit to read and send.

Inbox is where you can read all the letters from ladies that you have been in contact. All the letters in Inbox are charged 1 credit to read. You can pick the Reply button to reply to letters you received.

Sent Mail is where all your letters are sent. You can check all the sent letters there and see if your letters are read or not by the ladies. 1 credit will be charged for each sent mail.

Compose New Mail is where you can write a new letter to a lady with the lady's ID entered. 1 credit will be charged for each letter sent here.

Sending or viewing photos in emails is charged 1 credit per photo.


You can make comments on each received letter by choosing an emoji in each letter. The emojis are available right up the content of the letter, next to the Delete icon.

Your comments would show how you think of the translation service provided by the local agency. Your comments would show and be visible to the local agency and the site.

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