6 Thinking Patterns Excellent People Have

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I had met a young editor and he is very excellent and diligent. Two of his works had been made into films. This year he has planned to finish at least two works. I asked him about his plan in detail recently. He said he was going to write a play about villagers’ life in southern area of China, so he planned to went to live in southern China for a while. You will find that excellent people will just deliver you some similar characteristics to you. Here I have summarized 6 thinking patterns excellent people have.

1. Target oriented thinking pattern.

People with no targets in their heart will just be powerless and unorganized. While excellent people have placed an excavator in their heart. They can continuously dig their own wishes and targets. The wishes here means their real desire in inner heart. They all understand that targets are the No. 1 driving force for them and are the fundamental reasons for all their efforts. Wishes are actually targets of people and they just hide behind some of your superficial words such as you wish to earn more money and you wish to marry a good and handsome person. Ordinary people always don’t have strong sense of target and basically there is little motivation to drive them to work harder. On the contrary, excellent people won’t make any actions without aim in their heart. All their efforts are driven by their confirmed and clear targets.

A very famous script writer had once shared his a story of his: “one time when he went to a movie college to study film as an external student without handing in his tuition fees when was young, he was forced out of the classroom at the moment he wanted to discuss film with formal students there. Then he swore to himself that he would become a famous script writer till one day nobody can treat him in this way. Since then being a good script writer had been her life target.”

2. Altruistic thinking pattern.

Have you found that high EQ people are more altruistic while low EQ people are more egocentric. Why I say excellent people are always more altruistic? Because they understand they being altruistic in the short term means egocentric in the long term. Those who are always egocentric are stupid people because they only care about benefits in the short-term. Egocentric people are always pride, narrow minded and rude to others. Behaving in this way for a long time he will just drive others far away. He may do something beneficial for himself in the short term, but what has he lost? He will lose all possibility of help from others around him and the possibility of sharing something with those around him. He will even lost more key information if he is always narrow minded. On the other hand, altruistic people are willing to help others and provide values for others, and they can gain proper values from others in return.

3. Replacing thinking pattern.

Excellent people have excellent crisis awareness. They just understand that they will fall far behind easily. Failure will just happen in minutes if people don’t learn to replace themselves, update themselves and improve themselves. This sounds like a product which have version 1.0 and version 2.0.

Excellent people are good at updating their own personal product version. It’s really a danger if you are stepping in the same place three or five years later. There are many things you can replace, to replace a working procedure as an example. In the replacing process, you’re just optimize yourself because this can save you great efficiency. You can consider yourself as a product and your soul is product manager of yourself. Is the current yourself your old version?

4. Being busy instead of boring.

A typical feature of modern people is to be busy. Being busy shouldn’t be criticized but being boring should be instead. Because when you’re boring, you tend to suffer from more negative emotions such as gloom, anxiety and nothingness. You should try to be busy with significance. When you are busy with clean significance, you will know what you will do in your future.

There is boundary in people’s vision and recognition. The more experience you have, your boundary will be expanded and your inclusiveness will be strengthened. Excellent people are born in busy state. Being free may be luxury for them.

5. Integrating thinking pattern.

Excellent people hardly repulse information from outside. They are like a sponge which will absorb as much as possible. So you will find that most excellent people like reading books, watching movies, appreciating artistic works. They have their own taste to music and their own understanding to literature.

They’re good at integrating information because by integrating lots of information they’ve get real valuable part for them. Jobs has a saying: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Excellent people are always ready to learn new things like a new starter.

6. Care about doing exercise.

An experiment made by a biologist Arthur Kramer from University of Illinois in America has examined that doing exercise can help optimize people’s thinking pattern and make people smarter. Excellent people just care that they should ensure that they can strive hard for a long term and doing exercise is the best way to achieve that. You need not only wisdom, but also your strong body to be excellent!

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