A Good Mother Is Better than A Good Teacher

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People always say that a good mother is better than a good teacher. What is the real significance of being a mother? To be a good mother, you need to learn how to be silent, weak and show compassion.

First, to be silent.

Many mothers have sharp eyes and they can see three problems of children suddenly. When they see their children’s problems, they just immediately say something bad about their own children.

When a mother see advantages and disadvantages of her child, don’t be worried. Why? Because a child need mother’s good emotion to nurture and protect. Only when the mother sees weakness and strength of the children, can she really endow the children with the power to grow.

The mother’s emotion will just exert ripple effect to the whole family. The child is living in the ship of the mother. Any instability will just affect children by breaking up their inner peace. Then the children just need to consume lots of psychological energy to get rid of their inner anxiety. How much power has been left for them to learn self-growth.

Second, to be weak.

A mother should learn to show weakness in front of children. It is often very hard for a child growing under the wing of a powerful mother to gain confidence and confidence of the child will gradually be weakened in such a state.

A mother who can show weakness in front of her child will certainly be very confident and strong. When you learn to show your weakness in front of your child, you are actually raising your child up. However, a mother who often behaves stronger than her child in daily life will just make the child weaker. They may not have competence or motivation in the future. Instead, children may be trapped into rebelling or devastating way to complete self-growth.

Third, to show compassion.

True power of a mother is her amiability, gentleness, comfort and kindness.

If you know how to show compassion in a marriage relationship and kinship within a big family will feel harmonious for you. And you will be generously accepted like the sea, so spectacular that it couldn’t be stirred. As a mother, you’re providing a wide land space for growth of your children. Image of the mother is rules and your words are directions.

On the contrast, if you just point out all mistakes or bad behaviors in front of your child, he will feel that there will be no place to be comfortable and interesting. And children will lose his direction in his heart. Meanwhile, the mother will lose the guidance direction.

From the perspective of psychology, problems of children are problems in their emotions. Children’s bad performance in study is just mainly troubled by negative emotions rather than intelligence factors.

Anxiety and noise inside the parents will be more terrible than problems in children’s study. Only when you have inner peace in your heart, can you really absorb and deposit. Then you can be really excellent through foresight, judicious judgment,discover and creation.

As a mother, please remember that you shall try your best to keep peaceful emotion in your heart. This is the greatest education way.

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