Appearance of Your Room Is like Appearance of Yourself

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Through years of research, Harvard Business School found a phenomenon: successful people with strong sense of happiness always live in a very clean, tidy and comfortable house; while unfortunate people often live in dirty environment in a mess. Similarly, a successful enterprise is often characterized with clean window and shiny floor while a company on the edge of breaking up will have a dirty corner.

So actually the room you’re living in is just a reflection of yourself and your life is like your room.

A girl had lost her boyfriend several days ago. She just cried for several days and sorted things in her cabinet and threw away 25 bags of rubbish. To her surprise, her gloomy mood seemed to be brighter by the time she get her full cabinet recover tidiness and cleanness. Kyocera once did not well in its business and led to leaving of many staff. Then its CEO just did some works as a cleaner everyday in his company whenever he was confused and free. He cleaned the toilet and mowed the grasses. He just suddenly understood the significance of the existence of his company in those days. Then he changed his operation concepts which had saved Kyocera.

Why cleaning force is so magic? Cleaning is actually a simple labor but it contains deep life wisdom. In the process of cleaning, we can learn to put down our pride an be modest. And we can even find ourselves in this process. If you don’t clean your room, how could you clean your world? The process of cleaning is actually a process of treating, selecting and throwing. It is a mutual interactions between you and the environment. The clean appearance of your room clearly shows your logic and coherence.

Cleaning home is to increase wisdom.

You can clean your home whenever you have trouble or bad emotions! Our outside environment is just refection on our inner self! Those dirties and mess just represent all negative energy and stacking of bad emotions. You should clean your house totally once a week, to make your living environment clean, cool and comfortable to live in. Then your sense of happiness will increase. Your happiness will then bring more possibility of success in your life. Those unfortunate often live in dirty environment. Dirties and mess in your home will bring confuse in your thoughts. To clean your home is just to clean the rubbish in your brain and after cleaning, your wisdom will increase.

Cleaning your home is to raise positive energy.

Ghost house in TV series or films are always dirty and dark. But heaven is always shiny and spectacular. So a dark home won’t attract positive energy. Your fortune would not be good if you don’t have enough positive energy. If you have a shiny and comfortable room, you will have more positive energy will bring you fortune.

Cleaning your home is to clean your soul.

Goods and clothes stacked usually will bring much negative energy. The best way to deal with them is to throw them away or just send them to someone else who really need. 

When you continuously clean your house, those blocked inside your body will be more smooth and you will be easier. Then love and appreciation will just flow in.

Life is like a long travel process. In this long journey, negative energy is just waste of life from the perspective of long-term. You can only know how to enjoy every scenery in your life when you know how to clean your soul by removing all negative energy in time. So do cleaning often to create wonders in your life!

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