Be with Someone Who Makes You Smile in Your Life Remained

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Once there was someone asked me whether I could ask back of something I made it missing. I said it was just like a missing fastener and by the time I found the fastener I would already had changed another coat.

This also applies to emotion between people. No one is always destined to another. There are so many people in the world and most just meet each other once in their whole life. Or they are just common friends. There are only very few could really care about your emotions. Don’t always entangle with someone who doesn’t love you, no matter in love relationship or friendship. Be with someone who makes you smile in your life remained. You shouldn’t be troubled by anything else but you should just keep smiling and remain a good attitude.

Several days ago I had received Keke’s wedding invitation. I just laughed at her: “You had swear not to step into marriage the other year we were together, still you had been the first to be married among us all!”

Keke replied in a lovely way: “I just thought people are just strange. You see that I am always in a good temper and I used to think that there will be nobody to tolerate me. However, we just don’t fight or quarrel at all when I am together with him. Sometimes when I had some little quarrel with him, we will be friendly again. I always laugh being with him, nearly making my eye-pouch more severe.”

Reading her news, I just felt sweetness and happiness in her words. A bad temper girl had found a good temper husband and they were willing to be better persons. How romantic it is.

That person who always looks a little numb in front of others, but can bring fun and happiness to you, making you always smile and laugh. His EQ is not so high but can always say something romantic and make you moved. He surely loves you very much.

When he is willing to be your sun and you always laugh being together, it’s likely that you love the right person. You can smile when being together. Any trouble won’t overwhelm your mutual love. The best appearance of love is to have someone who can understand all your happiness and sadness in all seasons all over years. When you’re playing, he is just smiling. You admire him as a hero while he loves you like a child.

Remember to find someone who is willing to make you always smile in your life remained.

Someone who loves you isn’t willing to make you cry, not even to make you cry happily. He is just willing to see happiness in your face and live happily. Meanwhile, you can behave freely like a child in front of him. Everyone’s time is just limited. When he is willing to share his time with you to enjoy life experience. He’s just melting your world together with him and he is willing to make efforts for you. He is willing to feel all beauties in the world. You can share all life experiences and the feeling of being touched together.

You should be together with someone who makes you always smile. Only when you can always smile can you really live your life in a colorful way. If you are in a marriage within which someone will just love you and isn’t willing to see your bitterness and tears, he’s willing to contribute all to win your smile, then you’re surrounded within a wall of happiness.

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