Choosing the Right Lover Is the Greatest Achievement in Your Life

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Investigations have been made about which relationships will affect happiness of yourself the most. More than 50% people have considered the love relationship will affect you the most in your life. How to own a warm and long-lasting love relationship? Before discussing this question, let’s do an exercise as below: 1. Find a quiet place to close your eyes with light music and make yourself as peaceful as possible; 2. Imagine if you had found your love, what a happy day would it like in your life and be as concrete as possible; 3. Take out your paper and pens to write all down; 4. Close your eyes to see the kind of life you can create jointly with your love; 5. What discovery and findings do you have about all these as above, and about yourself and the lover you want.

Too many people have tried their best to learn as much as possible and spend most of their energy and time to establish their own business. But few have really learn to manage a relationship well with time and energy. Model of starting and protecting of an intimate relationship basically comes from your parents, movie, TV series, novel and newspaper you’re read and they are just born and will die in nature.

Children will be lucky for those who are in good relationship the generations hereafter will often result in sadness. If you compare the actors or actress in movies, TV series or novels, you will find lots of complaints and satisfaction in your life. The hardest thing in life is not what degree you get, what kind of enterprise you start up, what official position you’ve chosen, nor how much you’ve earned. The hardest thing in life is that you can manage well a long lasting warm intimate relationship.

When Bill Gates and Buffet are summarizing the biggest achievement in their life, Bill Gate’s answer is not Microsoft and Buffet’s answer is not his Stock god but their same answer is lover.

“A peaceful family will prosper.” This is not only an old saying, but a reflection on life wisdom and truth. Fundamental of a harmonious family is based on intimate relationship. If you don’t have a long lasting lover who is always beside you, you will be filled with endless sadness, loneliness and bitterness in your inner heart whatever you’re pursuing.

Since intimate relationship is the core for life happiness, then we need to spend time to make exploration and research and gain improvements.

If we consider intimate relationship as carefully and hardly as earning money, happiness will be closer and closer. Because you gain what you sow.

There is no relationship can’t be improved in life and there is only relationship which hasn’t been well managed.

You need to cherish the current moment because intimate relationship just exists right now.

It’s may be that the hot rich and dishes have already been well-prepared when you get home. The dinner is already when you have put on your coat, clothes and shoes. Or it maybe the cold evening when your lover put your hands on his chest when you went home. So every moment you’re together is actually the true meaning of an intimate relationship. We’re always expecting romance, warmth, love and appreciation in intimate relationship and many even think they’re the complete part of it. In fact, hate, anger, worry, horror, satisfaction,grievance,jealousy and boredom are necessary part in intimate relationship. We often come together because of love but be far away from each other for unresolved conflicts, contradictions and negative emotions and we even separate with each other quickly.

When we’re close with a person, various emotions are included in a true and rich intimate relationship, not only sweetness.

You will be close if you deeply love each other at the moment. You will be separated with each other if you are not good with each other. So don’t mention about the past, about what you did, what you promised. But instead you should master the moment right now. All have gone will go forever.

Otherwise, you will become someone who claims for debt.

But make sure you remember the thing others have done for you. Then intimate relationship will be long lasting.

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