Diseases Reflect Negative Emotions in Your Body

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You can only always be healthy by being friendly with your emotions. And being friendly with your emotions will help cure your diseases. Negative emotions often are raised in conflicts. And most of those conflicts just come from inconsistency between our expectations and the reality. So actually health state of a person is result of balance between his body, inner heart and mutual relationships. To own real health, you shall need to learn to coexist with yourself and others harmoniously. You need to improve your ability in adjusting yourself and improve your competence of happiness.

A female friend of mine was very attractive, pride and had many wooers before her marriage. And she was still often pride and haughty in front of her current husband. She always was mad in her temper whenever she encountered anything troubled her.

But as she aged, her husband did better and better in his business and gained more and more concern from outside, especially from other females. Her husband was often blamed and complained by her while was frequently praised in his own business and social circle. Later she quarreled more and more with her husband and finally her husband betrayed her.

Long term of grievances and anger in her heart had been accumulated still she wouldn’t let others know, not even her relatives and children. Then she became more and more depressed and gloomy and was found to suffer from breast cancer two years later. She told me that she was just very clear why she suffered from this horrible disease.

You may have heard of similar cases of patients who suffer from disease because of long term accumulation of various negative emotions. Modern medicine has estimated more and more that various human diseases are closely related with negative emotions. An American doctor Don Colbert has published a book named Deadly Emotions. In this book he had made lots of researches on close relationship between various diseases with emotions. For example, suppressing yourself for a long term will make you more vulnerable to suffer from anger, headache and ache in your back and waist. When we are trying to suppressing some of our negative emotions, they will finally show in our body. Bad emotions are source of diseases. Every disease is a signal of calling for help to your body. It needs your concern, care, confirmation, appreciation and acceptance. Many sadness, horror, anger, insatisfaction or complaints are signals showing that you don’t get what your body really needs or wants.

Diseases are some parts unavoidable in our life and there isn’t any methods to totally cure some chronic diseases or severe diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. As they’re so closely related with our emotions, we need pay high attention to them. However, the problem is that when you go to visit doctors when you feel somewhere uncomfortable in your body, it’s may be too late. So whenever you find something wrong in any of your body, you should try your best to reflect whether they’re closely related with your emotions and relationships.

We should learn to manage well the relationship with ourselves, the relationship with our parents, the relationship with children, the relationship with our leaders and the relationship with our colleagues. All of them can be started from management of our own emotions.

When we feel peace in inner heart and harmony in various relationships, all diseases will just be far away from us.

Some people will suffer from diseases and some won’t in the same polluted environment. The difference originates from their immunity. But the core of immunity is to make yourself as peaceful in your inner heart and harmonious as possible.

To make it simple, your immunity will be better when you are in good mood.

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