Do You Have A Plan B?

Author juliana From 4 years ago 8138

Our growing is just a process in which we putting our endurance height higher little by little. When you’re in your 30s or older, you will feel it doesn’t matter if you fail in a math exam in your high school; it neither matters if you love someone but he doesn’t love you. Because you’ve swallowed more huge disappointments in your later life.

Which college to choose upon the college entrance examination? Whether to further your education in a graduate school? When shall I begin to work? When shall I go abroad to study? Should I get hold of that guy’s hands? All those scenes may haunts your world from time to time. However, it’s just another ordinary day in others’ eyes.

Time just goes ahead without an entrance nor an end. You just stand at each crossroad and try your best to choose whether to go right or left. Your initial strong passion and single determination will just be strong enough for a short journey and you just begin to think when you feel so tough in heart that you cry out: “would it be better than the current situation if I had chosen plan B, by stepping onto another road?”

But life is just cruel as it will never give you a confirmed answer or another opportunity to make a different choice. Anyone can only write the only choice in haste in your life test paper.

In each crossroad, there are different plans: plan A, plan B and plan C. Different crossroads just have formed a wonderful and colorful life of different people.

Time just elapses so quickly and our wisdom, courage and ability have to chase hardly in order to follow in time. So those choices we’ve made are unique. Those things happen will be the only things which may happen.

Actually growing up doesn’t mean you will be a new person but means you will be destined to become someone you should be. And you’re already and always is that someone.

Anytime when you doubt about your initial choices, you should tell yourself: “All our gains are just for lost and this is a very good thing.” So don’t haste for happiness because happiness in haste will always make you disappointed. The most important thing is to find position for yourself.

Don’t doubt of lacking enough time or you’ve already missed or you even don’t have exits. It’s a fortune to have a plan B for you. Sometimes we will just over-rate our self-control ability while underestimate our endurance. We’ve gone through all to today. Hope that we can see more truth of weakness in life and love it. And we should love each choice we have made in life.

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