Don’t Live in Such A Tired Way

Author juliana From 3 years ago 7107

Grass withered will grow in the next year,

New flower will blossom in the tree if old flower had fallen.

But common people just has one life.

It will never relive and never come again.

It’s not easy to live for once.

You have to taste sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavor.

You have to face the pain of confronting with being old and dying for diseases.

You need to both seek happiness and resist sadness.

You are always tired but you have to stick on by biting your teeth so fixed.

People can’t control natural laws.

People can only change their own mood.

There are so many obstacles in this life.

No one can forecast what will happen in the next second.

What we can do is to cherish the current moment,

To behave a good yourself.

Cherish the happiness in the current moment,

And don’t regret for losing already.

Value all you have contributed and never say stop so easily.

Those been lost can’t be back anymore.

Those already given up can be owned anymore.

Life is all about fight.

To live is an examination.

Everyone has his own hardships.

There is so less smile in our face while so much loneliness in our heart.

Burden in our shoulder is so heavy.

Happiness in hand is to empty.

How would you do except for persisting and forsaking?

It’s a luck we can come to this world.

We should be satisfied if we can live for once.

There’s no second blossom in life.

There’s no another chance in life.

Cherish each day in your life.

Smile instead of complaining if you can.

Rest instead of working so hard.

We just live once for a whole life.

Don’t replace your tears with smile.

Don’t sacrifice your health too much.

Have a rest if you are tired.

Don’t insist on so firmly.

Sleep for a while if you’re tired and don’t stay up too long.

Love yourself well.

Love the unique self.

Make each of this life common and happy.

Make each day wonderful and easy.

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