Endless Complaint Is One of the Most Wasting Things in Life

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We like complaining just because of not willing to let it go, unable to see it through or can’t forget about it. Once there was a couple who raised conflicts everyday after marriage and they finally turned to famous psychologist Milton Erickson for help.

After listening to much of complaints of this couple, Erickson just said: “are you just seeking for this endless complaints at the beginning of your marriage?”

This couple just kept silent.

Complaints is just like a poisonous tumor in your body and it will grow in expansion with a down state of your emotion. The only treatment for your complaints is to control your own emotions and you won’t be controlled by your emotions.

We like complaining about something or somebody when they don’t go as we expected. It seems as if all will be solved and things will get reversed if we continue complaining. However, problems still exist if you don’t make out some proper solutions. Your complaints are just wasting your valuable time, making you miss the best opportunities to solve these problems. What you really need to do is to sit silently and calm down, to analyze these problems and actively solve solutions for them.

Don’t complain about any unfair conditions you’re stuck in. There is a psychological concept: “all those exist are just reasonable. The unfair conditions you’re stuck in just have their own background, conditions and causes for existence.” You can’t control others but you can control yourself. You can’t control the weather but you can change your mood.

The best treatment for stopping complaints is to control your own emotions and be owner of them.

Life is short, why you should waste any time complaining too much?

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