Everything Will Go As This Winter Will

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Recently I’ve been busy learning how to cook delicious meals, drive a car and searching for an independent bookstore. I am just happy for all those things and I feel that there are so many interesting things to do beyond writing articles. I just tell myself not to let down all gifts in my life.

Message from the phone reminds me that Spring festival is coming. It’s a cold and depressing winter. Snow had brought much fogs in this big city. It is going to end and spring is coming.

Nothing will never be immortal and nothing will exist forever, just like this winter, just like our whole life. What have I done in this winter? I had done some reading in my spare time after work. And I had begun to write many thoughts into articles, and share them with thousands of people, to connect with their souls. Am I right? Is it useful? I don’t know and I even doubt sometimes. Do I write well? Is my writing valuable? I often ask myself all those questions.

I specially choose some works of authors who had passed away to read. Their words and voice still exist even they’re no longer in the world. They’re just saying, “you see! My whole life has gone!” It’s already gone! I am just a little gloomy reading this. But what is strange is that I am more open and generous with my trouble at the moment.

Troubles in my jobs, tiny issues in my life and desires can’t be met have become dust in words of people who have passed away. I just sit down to wipe them as a whole life is going to end at last.

We always should keep distance from our own life. Only in distance can we gain some macroscopic perspective. And sometimes we gain relaxation in seconds or minutes.

Recently I was just thinking about what to write in the future. Should I continue to encourage others? No, there are so many encouraging articles! I only want to write something I want to read even decades later. But when I write according to this standard, I find that only several articles can meet this standard. Meaning of words lies in its function of expression and meaning of expression lies in its searching for acceptance and resonance.

I want to write articles which look like an orange desk lamp in your tired life. It will bring you warmth and this warmth will come to the bottom of your leather box. I don’t want my words to teach you to win fame or honor in the world. Instead, I hope that my words could be like a cup of lemon water which can wet your throat if you drink.

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