Happiness Is Actually Simple

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Many people today are troubled by such a conflict: they’re gaining more and more but happiness in life is becoming less and less. Thinking about our childhood time, a butterfly and a rubber ball can bring long lasting happiness in our daily life. Happiness by then is so simple! What makes happiness rare today?

I had once raised two dogs. One dog was given by one of my friends. It was named Mude. It had noble gestures and pretty appearance. So I really treated it very well. Every day I fed it with good bones and meats and sometimes gave it milk and lamb soup. Gradually it become more picky and only ate fined meat and bones. Finally it was even not willing to see some high price dog food bought in the supermarket. Like an effeminate miss or noble woman, I often saw coldness, grievances and complaints in its expression of eyes.

Another dog is a wolf dog I raised when I was in the army. By then I often treated in a rough way as I was always busy. I gave him rice and vegetables and let it alone often. But it was always friendly to me for a long time. I always saw its sincerity. This sincere friends only need abowl of rough rice with a little rough meat everyday. It was always happy.

It’s easy to enjoy luxury from a frugal life while it’s hard to be frugal when you’ve enjoyed luxury for a long time. Sometimes I was just depressed. What makes me depressed is my far distance from my wishes in this era where there are so much chasing for materialism, strong power, too complicated emotion. Too many things have been twisted and covered, even including some common sense and generally acknowledged truth. I always think that what we really need is some simple things like a ray of warm sunlight in the winter. However, many people are just surviving in an extreme way and they have forgotten the essence of happiness. Not to say human beings, my dog Mude even lived in this way once, being painful in a high standard of living. While my wolf dog had given me great warmth and strong sense of happiness.

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