Is the Scene of Milking A Cow just Available in Your Phone?

Author Juliana From 1322

There had been times when I search for traveling information as reference to make a travelling for a change and I gave up finally. Have you ever been in a similar state as me? I like drinking milk and wish to go a prairie to witness how the process of milking a cow looks like. I search for information and view different photos of milking a cow via the computer or phone and then close my eyes for a rest and then start busy work all over again. How about your life looks like? Is the scene of milking a cow just available in your phone?

Everyday we’re indulged in millions of datas and information. We’re also haunted by so many tough tasks to deal with, most of which are the source of our stress. When you’re seeking for pictures of the scene of milking a cow in front of a phone screen or computer, what will you think of? Will you just be hungry or thirsty and want a cup of milk? Or will you miss the beautiful childhood you’ve ever had when your parents or your grandparents play with you in a park full of deep green grass? Or miss a piece of broad peaceful sea you’ve ever experienced in your study life abroad?

Nowadays people working and living in big cities depends more and more on phones and computers, which nearly isolate people from nature. However, nature is forever the long-lasting theme for human beings. Indeed, nature provides everything for our human beings but we’re just imposing more and more damage on nature by building more skyscrapers and mansions which occupies so much land and reduction of the forest or grass cover rate on the whole earth.

What could we make to return our good environment to our future generations? Is it possible that one day you will witness the process of milking a cow on a prairie instead of just viewing a photo and drink the fresh milk milked by yourself immediately?

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