It Is Love that Make You Be together without Hate for Long

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Someone in our life may come and go without stopping and only a few can remain. I would be regretful or sad once. Finally I would understand there shouldn’t be any reluctance between different people. The best love is to be together without hate in long term with the elapse of time.

You values should be the same to be together without any hate in long term.

There are ups and downs for gathering or separation of different people. But it’s really hard for those who can coexist with each other in the long term.

We just meet lots of people in our life. We may talk with each other happily at the beginning and may hate each other later. However, we may find that we two may not be able to very harmonious with each other because when you want to go to the west while he just wants to go to the east. Something you consider to be right may be wrong in his eyes. And there are more and more conflicts between you. When you are with such a person, you would be tired and estranged one day. However, for those who can be with us in the long term, what you like would be liked by him. What you want to do is just what he would like to do. You just understand each other so much.

Being with such a person is like tasting a cup of good tea. Flavor would be even heavier at the last moment and you just feel very comfortable. You won’t hate each other no matter how many years you’ve been together.

You should have the same values to be together without any hate in long term. It’s of no business with one’s fortune, capability or appearance.

No matter for a love relationship or friendship, those who can be finally together would be those who can walk together. Some old friends may be out of our social circle in a strange way. Those who had so much to talk would find no words to communicate anymore. It’s not because you don’t want to say something but because you both are not in the same rhythm with you in life. If he hasn’t seen world of yours, it would be very hard for him to understand. You even don’t want to stop to see his world because you think it’s boring. And finally you become more and more strange to each other.

Those who can be together with you for a long time are always those who are in the same rhythm with you in life. You walk slowly and he is also not too quick. He can also follow you if you walk quickly and he won’t be far away from you anyway. He has seen scenery that he had seen. He understands the world you’ve experienced. You just walk together for years and it’s not tired for you to be together anyway.

You can be together for a long time for love and tolerance.

Being together without any hate for a long time doesn’t mean that there isn’t any friction or tiredness in you daily life. Conflicts and frictions are unavoidable even for people who are very harmonious with each other. But there are some people who would just leave us for only a small part of emotions.

Those who can be together for a long time are just willing to choose tolerance and love. They can insist on no matter how great grievances they have in heart. Those who can accompany us to the end just know how to cherish us and it may be painful for them to lose us.

There maybe thousands of reasons to leave somebody. However, love is the only reason for you to stay with somebody for a long time.

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