Live Your own life to the Best instead of Comparing Others

Author juliana From 4 years ago 6721

In your life journey, you need to learn to share when meeting smile;

learn to be brave when meeting obstacles.

your life would be bitter if your heart is always bitter;

your life would be full of scenery if your heart is always sweet.

Your words can’t be so full as it’s maybe too hard to make everything complete.

You can’t do things in an absolute way as it may be too hard for you to advance or retreat.

You can’t fall so deeply in love with someone because it’s may be too hard to recover if you get hurt.

Psychological youth matters more than your real age;

Comfort and suitableness matters more than fashion of your clothes;

Tidiness and cleanness matters more than space of your room;

Persistence in doing exercise matters more than the time you do it;

Curiosity in interest matters more than gracefulness;

Quality of friends matters more than quantity of your friends.

There are many things in our mind;

Those have been forgotten can be called past;

Those cannot be forgotten can be called memory.

There are many things in our body;

Those hidden in it can be called waiting;

Those in a move state can be called passion.

You can discern someone with carefulness;

You can employ someone with trust;

You can raise someone with responsibility;

You can show yourself with beauty.

Don’t overestimate yourself because this world will just go around without anyone;

Don’t underestimate yourself because you are unique in this world.

Don’t compare yourself with others, but live your own life to the best!

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