The Best Self-discipline Is to Learn to Cut off, Give up and Separate

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The most beautiful life is always plain and simple.

Problems will occur if you can learn to cut off, give up and separate anything. The following are three methods to learn cutting off, giving up and separating well: 1. Escape from life in a mess; 2. Be kind to your own appearance and health; 3. Gain spiritual freedom through cutting off, giving up and separating.

1. Escape from life in a mess.

I remembered at the beginning of my working life, I hang out with a friend. By the time I arrived at her living room, she was making up. Maybe she had too many makeup products and didn’t have the habit of sorting things up. She found for a long time in hasty and business.

“You can be as low as possible. Don’t haste.” I smiled to her and then sat down to look at her renting room. Actually it was in a mess and I couldn’t even walk on the floor. I just signed if she really needs so many things. She answered that the money she spent every month is more than the amount of her salary. More exaggeratedly, some women even borrow much money from the bank and spent all in advance.

According to psychological analysis, some compulsive purchasing behavior means that one cannot control her own desire to buy things and spend money without consequences. Such crazy purchasing behavior actually has brought themselves into a mess — they’ve bought a stack of useless rubbish and had carried themselves with heavy economic burden. In fact, what you real need is not material at all but a kind of self-control ability which can comfort yourself. In the process of cutting off, giving up or separating, the actor is not goods themselves, but yourself and the current moment is the time axis.

For those who cannot control themselves in their heart, they should try best to start from small things such as sorting up your own room, throw away those you don’t need at all. And you try your best to maintain this state and mind. This is self-discipline.

Such self-discipline will gradually stop you from being crazy for material and life in a mess.

2. Be kind to your own appearance and health.

One of my colleagues Xiao Wen likes eating very much. She lives in a rich family since young. She just can’t control attractions from outside everyday and her weight continues to add in recent years. But the problem is when you can’t control your weight, you also can’t control various illness coming hereafter. After her failure in several dating with some young men, she had been constantly refused. Then she began to control her own appetite, and she insist on doing exercise everyday and had registered in a dancing class. In one and half a year, she become very slim and attractive, envied by many people. I just asked her how did she do that. She said she achieved this aim by endless persistence. She said easily but it was actually a very hard process.

The first step to learn to cut off, give up and separate is to accept yourself as a person who is accepting a torture. No pains, no gains. You will get something when you give up something else. It’s essence lies in the final achievement of ourselves and this is self-discipline. You need to throw up the things you see in the world and change the things you can’t see.

Self-discipline is actually an ability to control ourselves, you can be a better yourself with it.

3. Gain spiritual freedom through cutting off, giving up and separating.

Freedom doesn’t mean you can behave as you want but to behave on your own. You will just follow the trend if you often behave the way as you want.

Everyone has laziness and emotions. Those with strong self-discipline can get rid of all those instinct desires to have higher level of enjoyment in their own work and life. Freedom is nonsense if you are in a state of lacking of spiritual soul. You will be wrong if you just wan to do as you wish. In the end, you will find you can be free in the spiritual world only when you’re self-disciplined.

To Learn to cut off, give up and separate is a general life value living at the moment. The highest achievements always come from self-discipline. In this era where materialism is spreading, the best self-discipline comes from cutting off, giving up and separating in the behavior and psychology perspective. This method can be expressed through sorting up things in your house. It is of a more integral life value for living at the current moment. This idea has been deeply rooted in her life and has strongly affected more and more people being caught.

The ideal state is: you have basic life necessity and no other necessary things. Your body had been practiced through labor and your soul had been well protected. Meanwhile, your life and work can be totally uninterrupted by things from outside. If you are in this state, then you are enjoying a spiritual freedom, which is and ideal happiness.

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