The Happiest Thing Is to Be together with Family Members

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Being together with family members is our little happiness in daily life. No matter there is rich love languages or nagging in life, we enjoy happiness being with family members.

I started out early in the morning and found that the motor home of an old couple stopped on the ground in front of our housed had been driven away. I was touched by this old couple because of being happy for starting of their travelling again.

Husband of this old couple is a Netherlander. He is open and conversable. The wife is from Belgium. She likes nagging but is very nice.

They have a luxury motor home. They live in this motor home half a year when travelling in Spain. However, there was a problem in the heart of the wife so they had to live in hospital for a long time. Unfortunately, they found other problems by the recovery time and they had to return to the hospital to live in the rehabilitation center. Then their motor home had been stopped by the gate for two years. The old man always washed it in his free time and he became more wordless. He said he was used to live a way like the migratory bird and was just not adaptable for being limited here for two years. Instead, he was just used to life of being asked or required to do something by his wife and he was just not adaptable for being silent alone with his wife hospitalized. They had just returned home days ago from the rehabilitation center. So I was just very happy to see that their motor home has been drive away. They can start travelling and go back home together again. What is more better than this in this world?

Goethe had said: “the happiest person is the one with a harmonious family.”

People with a harmonious home don’t need to have too much money and they don’t need to live a good life. Instead, their joy is much more than most ordinary people.

Mr. C is a father of three children and his wife is a doctor in the community. To take care of his 3 children, Mr. C worked for 4 days a week while his wife worked 3 days a week. They are busy but what they earned can only basically support his family.

Many people may think that most European families are all rich. Actually for a family like Mr. C’, with 3 children, the couple can’t take full-time jobs if they want to spend more time with children. And they economic condition is actually tight.

But Mr. C is lucky to have a good wife as she could paint wall of her family on her own. She could paint her old cabinet and draw some flowers on it by herself. She could even deal with the grass ground with some creative ideas and change it into a garden for the children. They can view flowers and birds in spring and gain fruits harvest in summer in the garden.

Moreover, Mr. C is very casual in his own clothes as he often wear jeans produced in 1990s and he just doesn’t care. Instead, his 3 children are his treasure. It’s really encouraging that his wife agrees his way of living and they are always on the same rhythm in life.

Of course they can choose to be full-time office workers and put their children into nursery school. Then they can earn much more as a full-time engineer and full-time doctor and their earnings would be more than most of people from Holland. However, they just choose to give up some of their salary and spend more time with their family members. In their heart, the most valuable thing is to accompany each other in daily life.

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