The Poor Is Gossiping Entertainment Information While the Rich Is Busy Reading

Author juliana From 4 years ago 6160

I had just heard about a theory talked by others: in the high speed rail, people sitting in the first-class seats like reading newspapers while people sitting in the second-class and third-class seats like playing phones. I had paid special attention to this description on people taking the high speed rail and I found it’s really true. People sitting in the first-class seats always keep silent, with some light sound of turning over pages of the books. However, people in the compartment with second-class and third-class seats are just watching foam TV series, talking loudly or having instant noodles. When you went through the first-class seat compartment to the other two kinds, you will be feeling like going from a library to a vegetable market.

It’s a little sad to describe in this way, but it’s actually true. I also believed the saying everybody born equal when I was younger but later time had changed my understanding on this saying. People will be very different later even they may be born equal.

The poorer some people may be, the less they are willing to cherish their own energy. Or in other way, some people may become poorer for not cherishing their own energy. This is just a cause and effect vicious circle. But the rich are quite different. The richer some people are, the more they care about energy management and they will just care less about things not related to themselves.

Dirty information in the entertainment field is spreading more and more quickly. I had really controlled myself not to know about any of these. However, anytime when I log on my social medias, I always saw someone commenting on these information. The way they care about those irrelevant information is even intenser than they care about their own parents.

You just don’t know that it’s really hard to tell the truth or false of the entertainment information nowadays. What you see may be in segment forms and you cannot never know the real truth. But what you consumed is much of your valuable time. How many books have you read upon graduation from your school? Is your knowledge structure rich enough? Will you reflect yourselves by checking if your professional expertise has been improved recently when you always complain your low salary. If answers to all these questions is no, then your probably are also a poor person.

The most horrible thing between the poor and the rich is probably not forming of social classes but forming of a huge information gap.

When the poor is swirling in low quality information, the rich is caring about global economic trend and industrial development trend. And they are seeking for investment opportunities, cultivating their future generation in a love way, searching about how to make game rules.

Bill Gates who insists on writing reading notes everyday considers that the best way to break through limitations in life is through reading. He can read several hundreds of books every year.

We should cherish our wisdom, energy and focus as it’s so limited. But they have greatly affected our spiritual appearance. We should read as much as possible to improve our spiritual appearance like a bird which cherish its own feathers by getting rid of dust on them from time to time, making themselves more shiny.

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