Why We Are So Anxious about Education on Children?

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Most parents are lack of a long-lasting and deep understanding on children and education. They just suddenly realized that they have to discipline their children because they have found some of their children’s behaviors not meeting their expectation, and they began to worry about key examinations, marriage and careers of their children in the future. However, they just haven’t realized that their worry itself will ruin their children’s future.

Those parents just worry because they often pay intermittent attention to their children. They will pay more attention if they find problems on these children and pay less if they don’t find obvious problems on them, they just don’t have a macroscopic control over children’s education. They are even not clear about what children should do, what they shouldn’t do and what they haven’t done enough. So they’re not confident about future development of their children. Then lacking of enough confidence causes their anxiety about education on children.

Why many parents aren’t confident about education on their children?

Many parents just stop their self exploration by the time they end their own education life, mainly focusing on their own career. They even don’t have too much energy since they have their own family and children. They just have achieved a superficial complete in their life. A superficial life means that most of them are just living a easy, cool and stable life, even envied by others. However, they still haven’t finished many other life themes by suspending them.

This is just like a “cliff of growth”. Many parents consider that they themselves have chosen an easy road but actually they finally is trapped in a swamp of trouble and finally they have to contribute more rather than less.

When we’re not going to escape but confront with problems bravely, we are just starting to leave a psychological comfort zone and step into an unstable state. The most beautiful life in the world always blossoms at the hardest moment and growth is just a process a cocoon coming out of its shackle and becoming a butterfly. Growth means taking risks and what accompanies is pain, consisting of the main reason we just escape growth.

In the struggling process, we will have confuse and anxiety. But we will have the final solution as long as we persist on thinking. When you’re in confusion, reading will give you proper wisdom and we need to learn something about psychology. What is fortunate for you is that more and more high quality psychological works are easily available to you. We will just find our life will be more transparent and smooth upon solving of each problem.

Education methods and techniques are only the tip of the iceberg for children. Sometimes, education on children actually relies on their basic foundations, which further relies on parents attitude to the world and their epiphany on life experiences. That is to say, the whole life of their parents will be totally be involved in education.

The role of mother still takes more responsibility on children as of now. So I just advise mothers should continue to step their road wider even in middle ages. If you just focus on housework rather than develop your own career, you may be even far away from spiritual world of your children.

The quintessence to educate children is to educate yourself permanently.

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