Your Real Capital Is Your Moral Quality

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One’s real capital is not his beautiful appearance, nor his fortune, but his moral quality. Moral quality is traffic permit of our life. In such an era full of coldness and changes, one’s moral quality is the final quality on which our souls can rely on mutually.

“If you want to achieve something, you should be a saint first.” You may like someone for your mutual similarities. Your likeness may be limited to his talents but will last long for his moral quality. So one’s moral quality is really very important.

Good moral quality is one’s most valuable fortune. It actually helps form one’s social status and identity and it’s one’s real highest education degree. And it’s your golden brand.

Your moral quality is your highest education degree.

Real wisdom is to combine both your good virtue and talents and then you can finally become real talents. However severe a management system is for a unit, it may collapse at any time once any person with low moral quality is employed. Will you give offer to a person who is very competitive in technical skills but has low moral quality if you were the boss of your company? Certainly not, those people will just ruin business of your company.

It’s okay if you don’t have a high education degree. But you should have some knowledge and you should even have good moral quality because it’s your highest education degree.

Your moral quality is your richest fortune.

Good moral quality is crown and honor of your life. It’s the richest fortune in your life and has constructed your social status and identity. It’s the total fortune in terms of your honor.

It’s an eternal lesson to learn how to be a good person before you start to achieve something. Being a good person involves in both your wisdom and cultivation.

No matter how smart or capable a person would be or how good his background would be, his business and personal relationship will be negatively influenced if he doesn’t know how to be a good person and doesn’t have good moral quality. You can only achieve good business based on your good moral quality.

Lincoln has ever said that one’s moral quality is just like trees and his fame is just like shadow of the trees. But we often think about shadow of those trees rather than trees themselves. We don’t know that trees themselves are the fundamentals.

People with good moral quality are shinning and they can always glow wherever they go.

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