Online Dating Tips for Women

If you are a professional dater then leave this page right about now. Go, Shooo. This time we get brutally straightforward about why you don’t get asked out and everything wrong about your dating regime.

You have a Boyfriend – ‘I have a boyfriend’ is dead just like ’Netflix and Chill.’ Do you even know how many great guys you turn off by unnecessarily saying this line? Why the hell are you even active on a dating website? Our top dating advice for women would be to immediately put this phrase to en end.

Nothing on your profile – Why won’t you use a column that describes you and expresses what you expect from your partner? Women with nothing on their profile get nothing but a swipe from men no matter how good they look.

No Good Pictures – A selfie with your dog is great but no one wants to see you pug/cat you’ve been petting since 9th grade. Add some pictures of yourself and not just your face. Guys need to know what you look like in person so that they don’t feel disappointed on the date night. Also, Photoshop must be limited to contrast and brightness and nothing else. Ask your friends to help you put up a great picture online.

Stay in the Moment – Not to mention that most of the people on these online dating sites always lie about one thing or another, the chances of you meeting up with the wrong person are more than meeting up with the right one. So, if everything seems too good to be true, you should ask yourselves “why is everything so perfect?”

Too Average – If it weren’t for online dating websites, every woman/girl out there would be a traveler, a book reader and a football fan. And if you like doing cross-fit, don’t just add your pictures with captions like ‘Oh, I love burning all my fat down’ or ‘to all my exes.’ If you’re fit, it’ll automatically appear to the visitor or your profile without you having to scream all of it.

It’s Okay for you to message first – Just like we said, don’t be basic, guys appreciate the women who text first and break stereotypes. Don’t be hostile; it’s not always a guy’s job to start a conversation, sometimes it’s on you. Look for some great conversation starter instead of just ‘Hey, are you into NBA?’