3 Ways to Make Others More Closer to You in Chatting

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Chatting with others in an easy and comfortable way is not easy. Here in this article 3 ways to make others closer to you in chatting are introduced.

1. Being real and acute can avoid some embarrassing words.

Embarrassing chatting will not only harm an immature relationship, not even promote it. It will just hurt impression of you in others’ mind. Sometimes you may not be able to continue a topic or you may be lack of proper topics to chat with. To avoid embarrassment, you only need to be sincere to yourself while care about feeling of others.

2. Express your real thoughts in a bold way.

In social relationship, you actually can’t win real respect and recognition if you always keep a too humble state. And it’s may be even harder for you to win real acceptance and good emotion from others. You can only let others know true aspects of you when you are willing to open yourself and show your true self.

Don’t be afraid of having different opinions from others. Don’t be afraid of gaps in views on the same things. In fact, sometimes you will mutually understand each other more deeply when your thoughts crash into flames.

If you like something or someone, you can say it out directly. Don’t try to cover your real meaning in this way or other. Otherwise, you will only get yourself touched rather than make others understand you well. Only when you show your true self can you really meet someone who can really understand you and be willing to share life with you.

3. Cultivate your empathy and acuteness.

Sometimes language is even not enough to deal with some social relationships. But this won’t affect our real understanding and forgiveness to others’ feelings and needs. So we need empathy to view and experience others’ situations. You can even show your empathy through your gestures.

Your empathy is just real concern and care from your inner heart. It can indeed make up lots of deficiencies in your language and communication competence. When you always think about problems in your partner’s position, you won’t say something too embarrassing.

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