Art Night-In

Author Jordan Gray From 50 Powerful Date Ideas: Brag-Worthy, Cost Effective Dates From A Professional Dating Coach 3 years ago 8788

The Fine Print

A creative date where you buy a canvas or two, some basic coloured kid's paint, and paint together in your house (with newspaper on the ground). A couple bottles of red or white wine will help to get the creativity flowing.

The Built-In Benefits

Everyone has a creative side! In most cultures, artistic expression is missing from daily living. This is a great way to infuse some creative juices back into your love life. Creativity also reawakens parts of your mind that can feel somewhat dormant when they are under-used... so this date has the added benefit of making you both a little smarter.


Can't think of what to paint? Start with anything. Anything at all. Start with a red stop sign. Start by poking a hole through the painting. Start by splattering random paint on the canvas. Just start making a mess and your creative mind will take over from there.

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