Dating by Seeing Day Time Symphony Orchestra

Author Jordan Gray From 50 Powerful Date Ideas: Brag-Worthy, Cost Effective Dates From A Professional Dating Coach 4 years ago 8541

The Fine Print

Many major cities have symphony performances in the daytime. Matinee shows are inexpensive, less crowded, and have a bunch of cute old people that you can make up stories about to each other.

The Built-In Benefits

Culture, beauty, and refinement all wrapped up in a neat little package. If this date idea speaks to you, I'd definitely recommending giving it a try.


The only downside to this date is the physical intimacy potential. Unless you don't mind grandma and grandpa seeing you and your date canoodling, it's a bit hard to do much more than hold hands during this date. Fortunately, it scores quite well across the board and is definitely brag-worthy. Just wait until her friends hear about how classy you both are!

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