Dating in Sexy Jenga!

Author Jordan Gray From 50 Powerful Date Ideas: Brag-Worthy, Cost Effective Dates From A Professional Dating Coach 4 years ago 10054

It’s basically truth or dare with Jenga blocks that you tailor to your relationship. Write a personalized sexy message, command, or intimate question on each stacking block. Whichever block is pulled by either you or your date, you must read the message out loud, and then do what the block says.

The Built-In Benefits

This is the only date that scores as an enthusiastic five out of five across the whole scoreboard. It’s free, brag-worthy, takes care of the conversation for you, and definitely gets you physically and emotionally closer to each other. No wonder so many of us played truth or dare in high school...apparently we were on to something!


Make sure the phones are turned off for this date, as it can get hot and heavy pretty quickly depending on what you have written on the blocks. Not the creative type? You don't have to write down all of your ideas in one sitting. Let them come to you over time and write them down on a list as they occur to you. Some sample ideas? Take off one article of clothing that isn't your socks or jewelry. Describe your first kiss. Nibble your partner's earlobe for thirty seconds. Describe your ultimate sexual fantasy. Look deeply into your partner's eyes for thirty seconds. Kiss the body part on your partner that you love the most for thirty seconds.

This date is as sexy or as tame as you want to make it. Enjoy!

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