Some Caveats to Udnerstand How Men Love

Author Gregg Michaelsen From To Date a Man, You must Understand a Man 1072

Here in this passage some caveats to understanding how men love are given. Sometimes a man, especially a PUA (pick up artist), will fake the qualities because he just wants to do the horizontal mambo. If you are hot, he will survive on sex for a while. He can easily fake chivalry on the first couple of dates until he gets what he wants.

Look for protecting you and socially announcing you, these are rarely faked.

Most men won’t throw a lot of cash toward a relationship. If he spends a lot of money on you, he is probably into you. Rich guys won’t care, but there are fewer of these types out there.

Remember, now you understand, men and women love in different ways. A man might not want to go shoe shopping with you at the mall. But he loves how these shoes look on you. A man will want to take you in those shoes to the party and how you off. He might even want to pay for those shoes, although you don’t need him to, or you didn’t even ask.

A man might not want to talk about his day when he gets home but it’s not because he doesn’t love you, it’s because he needs to mentally retreat and regroup. After that, he will be happy to talk about his day and yours.

Sometimes a man just needs to get off without emotion. It’s ok. He still loves you and he will love you even more if you stop making him feel guilty about it. This is a big reason sex falls off. Men sometimes cower at the thought of not pleasing you, so they make excuses for not having sex. This is especially important with the rise of porn today. There are more and more relationship failures because men aren’t able to hit the porn site and forego an emotional relaitonship with their partner. They head to the land of virtual sex where all is good and no women exist.

If you understand the differences in how a man loves and how you love, you start to see the light. No longer will you go into panic mode and worry about the relationship. Instead, you talk to your girlfriends when he is not emotionally available and wait for him to come to you.

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