Why ambitious men and bad boys seem to be attractive?

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Ambitious men are, in a lot of ways, like the bad boys that women find so irresistible. Moreover, ambitious men are attractive for all the same reasons.

Ambitious men and bad boys often share the following similar characteristics.

Confident. Often cocky to the point of brazen. Nobody would describe him as meek, uncertain or insecure.

Direct. He’s not afraid to be blunt. If one of his gilrs is being “too annoying”, she’ll know about it. He doesn’t put up with a woman’s shit, and he doesn’t waffle on or try meekly tiptoe around.

Decisive and dominant. There’ not doubt that he’s the alpha of the relationship. He’s the man, so he takes charge and leads. There’s no, “No, what do you want to do,” nonesense. He does want he wants, and she can tag along as he goes about living his exciting life. She’s not the centre of his life, she’s an accessory. Never does he put her on a pedestal or act subservient.

Indifferent. He’s less reactive and remains aloof. He knows he has options when it comes to women and so you’ll never catch him being an overly-attentive “try hard”. he might disappear off the faace of the earth for a few days working on his ambitious Mission or doing “bad boy” stuff and, when asked where he was, just shrug. If she starts an argument over it, he just walks out the door. Totally indifferent. He’s the prize — not her. He doesn’t have time for that shit. There’s no pedestalizing her, trying to supplicate, or attempting appease her.

Entitled. Poll all the girls he’s been with and not in a million years will you find the words, “feels inadequate”, “feels inferior”, “feels as if he’s not good enough,” “feels as if he’s not worthy”, etc. He knows he’s the shit and never feels as if he’s not good enough for a girl.

Exciting. He lives life right on the edge. There’s no white picket fence or counting down the days until retirement. He seeks not comfort and security but adventure. Boring is he not. Nobody would say he doesn’t lead an interesting life.


He says and does what he wants. He is unhibited and totally free. Some might even call it selfish. Either way, he’s a non-confirmist and couldn’t care less what you or anybody else thinks of him. He lives for himself.

A leader. He’s not only the leader of his own life, but he’s not afraid to lead others, either. He doesn’t ask his girls what they want to do, he does what he wants and allows them the honor of tagging along as he goes about living his rebellious, adventurous life. If they get “too annoying” or start giving him shit, he revokes that honor. Zero neediness. He’s the leader and he takes charge without so much as a second thought. Never would you call him passive or uninspired.

Masculine. He’s a man and he makes no attempt to hide the fact. He’s not ashamed of his masculinity or sexual desires, but, if anything, proud of them! His body language is unabashedly masculine and he exudes a rugged charisma/energy/vibe. If you asked him if he was in touch with his feminine inside, he’d laugh in your face.

Menacing. There’s no mistaking that he’s not one you’d ever want to cross. He’s disagreeable and excudes a dangerous vibe. He’s not your typical overly-friendly, harmless nice guy.

Mysterious and unpredictable. He’s a mystery. His girls never know what he’s going to do next, and they lvoe him all the more for it (even though they’ll probably never admit it). His girls never know everything about this mysterious man of theirs, which only serves to make them all the more interested. His contrasting qualities stimulate curiosity and his mysterious and unpredictable nature leads women to build a fantasy in their heads that no reality could ever hope to match. You’ll never find him in a boring, unpredictable (and thus sexless) relationship.

Teasing. He’s provocative and ruffles her feathers by playfully disrespecting and teasing her. If one of his girls asks him some stupid question like “Do I look fat in this?” he’ll tell her she looks like she just gained 400 pounds and should take it off immediately...along with her panties. He’s not her shoulder to cry on nor her emotional tampon, trying to put her at ease and tell her how wonderful she is.

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