What Is Your Hardest Time So Far?

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When I was on my journey to work this morning, the breeze was very soft and the sunlight in the autumn was very warm, making me feel comfortable. In such a peaceful season, I think about many people and experiences I’ve gone through before stepping into my marriage. Autumn is a season of coolness and peace, a best time for one to think about many things, especially the hardest time you’ve gone through. What is your hardest time so far?

Prepare for a postgraduate examination in a rented house for half a year.

June, a young mother of a little baby, said the hardest time she had gone through so far was that half a year she prepared for a postgraduate examination by herself in a rented house. She was enrolled in one of the best normal university finally and studied law as her major. Every time I felt lost or depressed hereafter, I recalled that I was totally absorbed in a state of reading and writing as much as possible everyday during that period. And it was one of the greatest decision I made by myself and fight for myself and finally I did it. Sometimes you never know how great potential you have until you try it as hard as you can.

Lose ex-girlfriend and seperated myself from the outside for three months.

Jack is now an IT man in an information and technology company. He dresses himself well every morning before taking the subway to start the job he like now. Seeing his handsome appearance, you’ll never know that he had ever had an experience of seperating himself from the outside for three months because of losing his ex-girlfriend. It was the year he was going to be graduated from university and he had a relationship of three years with his ex-girlfriend. “Most of the time being with her was happy and we sometimes also quarreled with each other”, he recalled, “but I didn’t know how to carry on when we quarrel more and more by the time I was going to be graduated from my univeristy.” “I just couldn’t accept the fact that we finnally broke up and I just seperated myself from the outside for three months. I even don’t answer call from my mother and brother. As the graduation ceremony approached, I seemed to be gentle with everything and went on with my dissertation.” Now all has gone and I am completely concentrating on my work and perform well in recent two years.

My mom was deadly ill for two years.

Life of Smith is very busy in recent three years because he had established a business of his own and has employeed some people working for him. But whenever he is alone he always missed his mom, who died of cancer two years ago at the beginning of his funding his own business time. “I worked hard and wanted my parents to have a relatively happy old-age life. She lived a bitter life for a long time for sacrificing too much for her family and her kids. Life is sometimes not fair to everybody. I miss her often when I have free time by myself.” Smith sighed with strong feeling.

What about you? Do you have any story to share about your hardest time so far?

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