Why A True Friend Accompany You on Road Is Valuable?

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Friendship has become an eternal theme due to its critical importance in our life journey. To me, a good friendship in each of the period of moving forward is just like a bunch of warm sunshine in the morning of an autumn day. I may quarrel with my parents and sometimes may even quarrel with my beloved partner, but the chance of raising a quarrel with one of my friends in a period is seldom. Instead, they can encourage me when I’m in a low state; they can give reasonable advices to me when I’m wrong for making some inappropriate prejudices in communicating with people we really care beside us. There’s several reasons why a true friend accompany you on road is valuable.

A true good friend is a kind teacher.

Friendship is not limited by age as you can become friends with people much older or younger than you. The age gap won’t affect your friendship at all. Sometimes you can even be fortunate to make friend with people much older than you. A teacher of mine is almost 30 years older than me but I don’t feel any restrictive force from the age gap. Eveytime he finds that I am in a low state, he will encourage me patiently. He’s both a professional teacher as well as a good friend to me.

A friend of a similar age to you can also be a kind teacher of yours because you two have different personalities and your friend surely can be your teacher in some certain aspects. Yvonne is good at playing badminton and swimming because she had learned both the sports well since her childhood. I was raised in a relatively conservative family and hardly did sports in my childhood time. Since I’ve known Yvonne, she is just like a sister of mine and teach me several activities I’ve never learned before. Later I felt quite excited when I found I can even do well in something I had never done before.

A true good friend can be a fair outsider.

A true good friend can be a fair outsider in a situation when you’re confused about something. People always have prejudices in some tough situations. I am always confused when I have some conflicts with people I love such as my parents. Each time when I have some disagreements or conflicts with my mom or dad, I need time to calm myself down and seek advices from my friends. Jenny, a good friend of mine since my high school time, is always reasonable and she is able to make wise decisions in her difficult time. I am sensitive and emotional than her to a certain degree. Upon graduation from my college life and stepping into the process of growing by myself, I always talk with her about some of my tough problems and seek some reasonable advices from her. As a fair outsider, she is always able to anaylize what I’m worring about or concerned about and give wise opinions of her. Such a good friend is hard be to available but once you have, you’re the lucky one.

A true friend can accompany you even both you’re in marriage respectively.

A true friend of yours will always accompany you whenever you need and whichever stage your friend is in. June, a good friend of my college time, kept in close connection with me since graduation from our college. With a similar experience of study for master degree in big cities and several years of working, we still get on well with each other after we have our own families respectively. Every time we share something via a phone or computer, we both can pick out virtues and flaws of each other reasonably and then encourage each other to step forward. A true friend can accompany you whatever state she or he is in even when you both have your own families to take care of.

How lucky you are if you have a true friend to accompany you in different life periods!

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