Why Are Asian Girls Attractive?

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Compared with western girls, Asian girls are more and more welcomed by western women. Here this passages collects some opinion from western men on Asian girls from the perspective of their characteristics and appearance.


Many western men consider that the main reason men love Asians is because they’re very submissive and always put the man first. They simply don’t fight back with a man about anything.

Asian girls have culture and don’t act sloppy and messly like the typical while girls. They don’t balloon up like average gilr in America.

Many Asian women act really nice and friendly to guys. This alone can make a guy find you endearing no matter what your physicality may be.


Asian girls don’t hide their figures. They don’t resort to artificial enhancements too much. In addition, they’re direct and honest most of the time. Moreover, they pay attention to keeping fit by playing sports. They often look very good in miniskirts though they do lack curves usually. They have cute face and accent and cuteness is a huge factor of attractiveness. Amazingly, some of them have big boobs.

In addition, most Asian gilrs have beautiful skin and beautiful smile. Their sweet smile adds their glamor.

However, some western men think that Asian girls are usually thin and petite. Therefore they consider curves are not necessary for someone with a body frame that typically not get overweight like typical American woman.

The content above are some typical opinions on Asian girls from western men about those girls’ characteristics and appearance. How do you think of Asian girls?

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