Women Prefer Traveling than men in China: over 70% of Chinese Women Pay More Than 10,000 RMB on Travel Annually

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Statistics from several travelling companies such as Xiecheng.com and Tuniu.com has revealed that women in China prefer travelling than men and they are becoming the “true leader” in tourism.

As the Chinese females’ willingness to travel and their behavior report in 2017 shows, over 70% Chinese women pay more than 10,000 RMB on travel annually while chinese men only occupies 61%. Moreover, Chinese women who are willing to spend more then 20,000 RMB on travelling annually is 38% while Chinese men of this group is just 30%.

According to the report, 20% of Chinese women are willing to spent 29% of their income on traveling while 40% of them will spend 10% of their annual income as the expense for traveling. In the previous year, Chinese women went travelling for more than twice annually and the maxium cost for a single traveling was as high as 630,000 RMB, which was a traveling to the South Pole, the first orderreceived by Tuniu.com. 

Except high expense on travelling of Chinese women, datas from Tuniu also revealed that this company have served for 52% of female users, who are the main force of tourism. Chinese females are faithful users of mobile APP as more than 85% of the orders were downloaded via mobile APP by female users.

For Chinese women who are plan to travel, safety is the uttermost concern of traveling for them. According to a group of datas from Xiecheng.com, of all the factors Chinese women care about in travelling, safety comes 79.9%, evironment 62.6%, convenience of visa and plane 47.6%. Moreover, Chinese females also care about friendliness to them from freign countries as well as the price and monetary exchange rate.

From the perspective of geology, Chinese women’s willingness to travel are quite different in terms of locations they’re in due to the influence of consumption level. According to Tuniu.com, the top 10 city origins for Chinese female tourists are respectively from Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, which are all developed cities in China.

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