Taking Pre-wedding Photos Has Become A New Trend in Asian Countries

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Every couples engaged or in the process of stepping into marriage will hope to have a set of pre-wedding photos to celebrate their marriage or cherish those pre-wedding photos as a good memory of the good beginning of their marriage life. Pre-wedding photos have originated in Asian and become a new trend in Asian countries.

Taking pre-wedding photos is often scheduled just a few months before the wedding ceremony of a couple. It is tired but valuable for most couples because when taking pre-wedding photos, couples are allowed to choose affordable beautiful wedding clothes they like and they’re allowed to do choose their favorite poses before good scenery backgournds. Here in this article, different clothes styles and different scenery backgrounds for taking pre-wedding photos will be generally introduced.

Different clothes styles couples usually choose for taking pre-wedding photos:

1. Ancient costume for wedding

As China has more than 50,000 years of long history and most of our ancestors wore ancient costumes before the liberation of People’s Republic of China. Most of young couples nowadays still like to follow our traditions. So wearing ancient costume for wedding to take pre-wedding photos will leave us a sense of history and a good memory. What’s the most important is that couples usually look handsome in ancient costume clothes.

2. Wedding dress

Wedding dress has already become a necessity in taking pre-wedding photos because it has incorporated traditional Asian elements with western design elements nowadays. Wearing a wedding dress delivers a sense of modern style combining a traditional flavor.

3. Wedding gown

As the bride often wears a wedding gown in a wedding ceremony in current asian wedding day, a wedding gown is also a most popular choice to taking pre-wedding photos.

4. Cheongsam

Cheongsam culture is strong enough to affect many significant occasions such as taking pre-wedding photos because a cheongsam often helps show the gracefulness and gentleness of the bride to be.

Different scenery backgrounds to choose for taking pre-wedding photos:

1. Beaches

With blue skies and clean seawaters as a perfect background in the photos, couples wearing any kind of clothes styles will be shiny and the most harmonious.

2. Historical buildings and hotels

Many historical buildings and hotels nowadays are often designed with classic style and are more and more used for taking valuable photos such as pre-wedding photos. Wearing gorgeous clothes, couples can have memorial photos in such stunning background.

3. Scenic streets

With more and more movies or TV plays using scenic streets as spot background, this trend also spreads into the field of taking pre-wedding photos because couples will be just like actor or actress in the movires or TV plays by choosing the scenic streets as the photo background. How amazing such an experience is!

With the life quality of people in Asian countries improves, people also are pursuing higher quality of their marriage and taking pre-wedding photos is becoming a more and more popular trend thought the cost is still relatively high. It’s indeed a tired and expensive experience, but it’s valuable and the photos they cherished are worth conserving for a whole life.

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