Why Men Should Be Good to Their Wives?

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Men said: when I go to my wife’s home, my wife’s mother will just ask me what I would like to eat and drink. All housework will be done by others and I am just responsible for eating well and drinking well.

Men said again: when my wife go back home with me, my mom will complain to me about laziness of my wife if she doesn’t do housework with my mom. Every time when my mom wash clothes, she just wash mine and my children’s. My mum only asks me what I eat often but never asks me what my wife like to eat often.

Why the difference between a son-in-law is so different from being a daughter-in-law?

Maybe my mom is just thinking that my wife has snapped my son.

My mother-in-law always thinks that he would be better to my daughter if I was kind to him.

When a woman get married, she would be a guest in her own mother’s home but a person outside in the family of mother in law. Then you will just lose all except a man who sign a marriage certificate with you.

If this person cannot love you and protect you, then you just become a helpless orphan. And that man will often say to her wife: be kind to my mom because it’s not easy for her to raise us up. Instead, hardly any men would say be kind to my wife as she is really very easy to come with us leaving her own family. We should treat her well.

So be kind to your wife. You may not have met her in the best time. Instead, she has given the warmest time to you! Husband should love his wife the same as he loves himself. To love his wife is to love himself.

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