What Marriage Is Not About (2)?

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To know more essence of marriage,hereby this passage introduces more about marriage isn’t about. You’d better know about them and understand them before you choose to get married or when you are just trying to manage or save your marriage. Learning knowlege below about what marriage is not about will greatly benefit you in managing your partnership and enrich your life.

Marriage is NOT:

always easy. But it's worth the effort and compromise.

Marriage is not easy. It can be the greatest relationship God gives you, and it can be the most tormenting and painful one, as well.

Marriage is not a fairy tale. That's not to say that it can't have a happy ending? Praise God my marriage is beautiful!...but you aren’t a fairy princess, and there is no real Prince Chaming. Pray for wisdom, and read the bible. The word of God will illustrate for you what realistic expectations look like.

Marriage is NOT:

A fairy tale!

Not always easy

A means to "get away" from home


is not two people who think only about their own wants and needs. They do not treat each other unkindly, and they don't talk about their spouse in a negative way to others. They don't cheat with other women/men.... ever.

Marriage is not...wine and roses all the time. But make it fun!!Laugh together!! Find a way to capture joy!

Marriage is not for the faint of heart. It can be tough at times, but sooooo worth it if you are lucky enough to marry your soul mate.

Marriage is not expecting your spouse to be who you think they should be but instead accepting them for who are —flaws and all.

Marriage is not... criticizing each other... Hiding ANY-THING from your spouse, whether it is bad things that happen, purchases you make, things you know about, children, or anything that could affect the family. Not COMMUNICATING is a big problem.

Marriage is not a sacrament to be taken lightly but with conviction from the time 2 people profess their Jove for each other in front of God, family, and friends. Those words should ring throughout a marriage along with strength, patience, understanding and love between two people.

Marriage is not

-Holding grudges

-Expecting to get your way all the time

-always thinking you are the best part of this union

Marriage is not for someone who can't be a loving, carining, trusting, respectable partner. Consider CAREFULLY I before you act.

Marriage is not

-household duties

-Changing another person

-finding fault and putting your spouse down

-thinking that crying or yelling is communication

-speaking for your spouse or making commitments for them.

Marriage is NOT expecting your spouse to make you happy. You and only you are responsible for your own happiness.

Marriage is NOT: confing, dominating, without trust

Marriage is NOT: EASY - Life throws a lot of curves. It is the hard times that prepare you for the future. Marriage is not something to take for granted. As the cliche goes (and it is true)..., it is give and take. You win some and you lose some. I hate to use the word compromise, but it kind of works that way. Stand firm on the things that are important and give in to the little things that don't really matter.

Marriage is NOT; a cakewalk. Sometimes it's not even fun!

Marriage is not a one-way street. It is a street that has big holes, curves and, sometimes, smooth pavement.

Our favorite reminder song about staying together is a song by Leanne Womack that says: Dying to be with me or watching TV with me, which one would you rather me be. We laugh and say you're going to be watching TV with that person you’re cheating with some day and they are going to irritate you too! SO,marriage is not just passion. You will be roommates and have roommate issues. Insert humor!Keep the passion alive but remember that friendship and companionship last much longer.

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