The Big Marriage Myth

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Like most people, what you want is a healthy and happy relationship with the person you married. If now that it's not going quite the way you had in mind, the first thing you need to do is back up a little to the beginning of your marriage. Look within yourself to discover that you value deeply about all aspects of the problems or frustrations you face in your relationship. When doing this reflection, you need to trust yourself as you really are your own best expert. Responding to that, the real big marriage myth is maintaining your own uniqueness.

Trust yourself

You are your own highest authority!What kind of state you are in a relationship much depends on how much trust you have in yourself and in your partner as well and trust in yourself comes as a priority. As your own expert, you can decide what kind of relationship life you want to live and how it can look like with accompany and assistance of your partner.

Maintaining your own uniqueness

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when they get married is to believe the myth that they become one, as in "united in matrimony." Just because there is now a "we" doesn't mean the "me" fades away. To ensure a healthy and thriving relationship, it's essential you preserve your own unique essence. It's important to remember that you're a gift to this relationship into which you've entered. Your personal values, dreams, desires and distinctivenss are what you can bring. Maintaining a clear sense of yourself and what you value most is even more important when your marriage is going through hard times.

If you believe the myth that once you're in a relationship you should become one with the other person,you'll lose the true rewards of a loving relationship. Maintaining your own uniqueness and preserving the "me" when you're attempting to create a healthy, happy "we" is a common problem with couples - whether you're still in the newlywed stage of romance or have been married for decades.

For couples who fail to pursue their own interest and dreams may often fall into the trap of feeling somehow stifled in the relationship. On the other hand, some people spend so much time with their partner that when can hardly separate with their partner. Even when they are separated with each other for any period of time, they may experience a sense of loss and feel alone. Have you ever felt either of these ways? If so, it's a clue that you're starting to lose "you". And even if you don't feel like this, it's still very important to nurture yourself and pay attention to taking care of your needs in the relationship.

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