Are You Emotionally Passionate and Mysteriously Creative?

Author Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau From A Celebration of Sex 4 years ago 10219

Emotionally Passionate

My granddaughter continually amazes me with her uninhibited expressions of awe at the world around her. Christmas lights make her yell, ice cream gets her excited, the kitty brings squeals of joy, and discomfort produces cries of pain. Her feelings come out immediately, whether in a church service or awakening in the middle of the night.

An ancient Greek philosopher said that “the passions are the winds that fill the sails of our souls.” God gave us feelings to understand and enjoy, in passionate relationships, something of who He is. Expressing feelings and becoming emotionally passionate are dear to God's heart. Think of David and Peter, who were men of such passions and loved by God. David danced naked before the ark and Peter jumped into the cold water so he could swim to shore to be with Jesus. As adults, this ability to live comfortably and joyfully in our feeling state seems to get lost— to our great detriment. I would never swim to shore, because I am careful and logical.

I would not risk being cold and wet for a few hours in order to be with my Lord for a few extra minutes.

Take a ride on the wild side of feelings and bring them back into your bedroom. What a fun discipline to practice. Dance joyously at a wedding as you do the Hokie Pokie, ride a roller coaster with your mouth screaming wide open, jump into a cold lake on a hot summer day. Risk stronger feelings in your love life and you will be amazed how your partner is turned on by a passionate person.

Mysteriously Creative

Our God is a God of mystery, romance, and endlessly creative variety. Should we expect anything less in our own relationships, marriages, and lovemaking? The prophet Jeremiah wrote in amazement, “Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the LORD’S great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fail. They are new every morning(Lam. 3:21-23 NIV). Each day we can create a new relationship with our Creator一and also with our human lover and mate.

I think that women more than men enjoy romanticizing and desire some creative mystery in their lives. One client whose wife desired more mystery and romance went out and bought a mask and a cape to surprise her. They both got a real laugh when he burst into the bedroom with nothing else on, but she was looking for something a little more profound.

God indeed creatively thinks outside the box and revels in a personal, unique relationship with millions of people at the same time. What romance, as He intimately creates growth and meaning for each of His children. Creativity is a divine trait that God imparts to humans and it is so essential to the vibrancy and vitality of true intimacy.

Sexual intimacy can particularly lead us into the unexpected, creative, and novel, and allow us glimpses into the Almighty. Risking new experiences, remembering to do with what romantically attracted us in courship, and creating fresh adventures are all a part of this discipline. Creating sexual surprises is certainly a part of it. I am amazed at how lovers come up with the unusual when unleashing their romantic side. One husband arranged a complete weekend, from talking to his wife’s boss about picking her up from work early, to sexy lingerie and her bags packed, to a surprise spot they had never been to. Women love that mysterious, unpredictable, creative person—leaving them to wonder, Who is that masked man?

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