How Do You Know If A Girl is Attracted to You?

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If a woman is interested in you, she'll show her attraction to you through various signals. However, for a man who doesn't have enough confidence or isn't very sure of himself, he'll either not notice the signals or mininterpret the women's signals of attraction or interest in you as her just being playful or kind.Women commonly show several cues when they find a man attractive.Whenever you enter in a place such as a bar, a nightclub, a mall, a gym or anywhere else, you can just slowly gaze around and lock eye contact with women. If one or more of them show the signs as below, she may be showing interest or attraction to you.

1. A few women will lock eye contact for a reasonable amount of time. It may feel quite awkward. But don't break it until she does first! Of course, there are exceptions. If you are for instance crossing the street, or have a wall or door in front of you, or are doing a risky activity. Then by all means break it before you get yourself killed.

2. In some occasions, women will be staring at you without you looking. As soon as you catch them, they will immediately turn their head. It may be that they are interested on you or simply daydreaming; while looking at you. But as I said before, better to assume they are into you.

3. After their first gaze they may look down for a second two and then look back up. This indicates they are highly interested in you.

4. Combing their hair back with their hand

Probably one of the most common signs. You lock eye contact with a girl, she looks down and then pushes her hair back. Otherwise, they may also do this gesture while talking to you.However, sometimes they may also do this gesture without doing eye contact. A girl senses that you a checking her out and she pushes her hair back. Or it may also indicate her hair is just annoying her.

5. Caressing Your Arm

This often happens after you have been talking to a for a few minutes. She may gently caress your arm or touch your elbow.

6. She Smiles A Lot

She smiles a lot or laughs at your often non-funny jokes.

7. She Gets Shy

She gets extremely shy, or nervous while speaking to you.

As a man, you'd better actively take a move. It's not a woman's role to lead you. If you are not confident enough to lead the way when you encounter a woman you like, then most often the woman may simply walk away.You could miss out some essential opportunities if you're unable to correctly decipher the message sent by the women potentially be yours.

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