5 Best Ways to Reward Your Partner

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Emotional experts have already estimated that love also involves languages. Actually, the best ways to show your love languages to your partner involves your sincere action. Your actions to reward your partner is a part of your languages. Here in this article we’re going to explore 5 best ways to reward your partner.

1. Smile to your partner sincerely everyday.

Smile is one of the most influential factors in the law of attraction. It is a contagious positive power. Your sincere smile to your partner will win you back the same smile from him or her. Smile with an eye contact is even more attractive. Most people, especially men think highly of women’s sweet smile and expression of their eyes. Skin of female may wrinkle as time fades but the power of your smile will last forever, just like the portrait of Mona Lisa’s smile.

2. Embrace your partner with bear hugs.

The feeling of getting close to people is one of the greatest joy in people’s daily life and hugs is the most common way to enjoy the feeling of connection. Everytime you want to embrace your partner, please embrace him or her with a bear hug as such a big hug can make your partner feel your warmth and love, which are forces to carry on your mutual relationship. Remember to give your partner a bear hug when he or she feels cold physically or psychologically.

3. Prepare a surprise when your partner isn’t in the mood.

Life is always tough and you cann’t always go though every obstacles smoothly. It’s normal when you or your partner may be in a low state. Make sure you both won’t be in a low state at the same time. You should be mutually complementary, one acting as a coach and the other as a student in such a condition. You could be a professional coach to comfort your partner when he or she is down. Your can prepare a surprise to him as a reward to help get rid of any depression. Such a surprise can be as simple as preparing a tasty desert, a gift or just doing some houseworks. A surprise can help change a very bad condition. Believe me, try a surprise as a reward to your partner next time and you’ll even get active feedback.

4. Plan for a vacation regularly.

Life is really hard especially in a financially tight condition. But how boring life is without any vacations! If your partner is a hard-working person, a regular vacation is especially more important for him or her. Though the expense on a vacation may expensive especially if you want to go abroad, the freshness due to new places you go, new people you meet and new food you eat is all worthwhile.

5. Go to sleep together.

As your marriages years go, you may have different jobs and toubles to deal with, which may make you form a different biological clock. You need to adapt yourselves often and spare time to go to sleep together with your partner as intimacy is dance of sex life in your marriage.

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