From Dad and Mom to the Marriage with Love

Author Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau From A Celebration of Sex 5 years ago 8427

Choose to give each other real attention. It may be that some people limit their children because they fear not having enough love to go around. Husbands can begin to feel neglected emotionally and lonely for hugging and cuddling time. Wives can feel that all they do is give and can resent not feeling special, missing those little nurturing gestures.

Again, you will need that time away from responsibilities and the children, especially the infants or teens as you focus on romance and each other.

Prepare for and anticipate some “tantric sex”. Within the tantric ideas of Eastern religions, a single act of lovemaking might be prepared for over the course of an entire month. With children, passionate times together may require that same amount of special preparation! Plan some of these times into a special weekend or when the little ones are at Grandma's.

Make romantic differs at home. You cannot replicate life before children, but this does not mean that romance has to fly out the window. Create romantic dinners at home after the children are in bed, so you don't have to rush home from a restaurant and ruin an expensive dinner by responding to an emergency. Early mornings and late evenings can allow for some atmosphere in which to stay lovers.

At the risk of sounding pedantic, who said the really important things in life did not come with a price? Being great parents and growing a fun love life will take mature choices and much self-discipline. The cornerstone of these children years is indeed maturity, but what an awesome reward grows out of this process.

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