How An Original Family Will Affect A Child?

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Just as the saying “Like Father, like Son; Like Mother, like Daughter” goes, children are just like mirrors of their parents. Parents who don’t behave as they say will nurture children who may tell lies. Parents who always complain may have children who like detesting the world and its ways. Parents who quarrel with each other often will raise children who consider quarrel as very common. Education and atmosphere of an original family really matters to growth of a child. Children growing in the following 3 kinds of family will be happy.

1. Well-educated family.

I had since many playful children in different journey of travelling. Some of those naughty children will casually make great noise in the train. Some will even touch others’ things in a naughty way. Some just even rob others’ snacks. Near each naughty child, there will be a bad parent accompanying him. Those bad parents won’t stop the naught children’s bad behaviors but tolerate them with love instead.

This is a story of a well-educated mother. When the well-educated mother brought her one and half year old son to take the plane, she showed her worry that her son may interrupt other passengers by writing them a reminding notice of her worry about son’s possible interruption and enclosing the note with a small bag of sugars to each. While in their whole journey, her child just silently sat in his seat, reading, eating snacks and watching cartoon. Their seat was still very clean by the time they left the plane.

Psychologist Jaspers had every said that the essence of education was just to rock another tree by one tree, to float another piece of cloud by a piece of cloud and to arouse another soul by one soul. If a baby had such a polite mom, he would grow well in the future. If parents weren’t well-educated, their naughty child is to be a rogue soon or later.

2. Family where parents love each other deeply.

Deep love between parents is actually the best family education. Someone had made investigation and found that psychological problems occur rate of children from families where parents have frequent quarrel is 32%; that rate of children from divorced families is 30% while that rate of children from harmonious families is 19%. Obviously, children from families where parents quarrel often tend to suffer from psychological problems more. Even a good single parent family would be better than a complete family where parents often quarrel with each other. However, few of the husbands and wives had realized this problem, bringing much harm to their children.

3. Family where parents don’t spoil children.

There is a story in a fairy tale: in one autumn, there is a group of swans ready to fly to the south to spend their winter. In their journey to the south, this group of swans come to a small island. On this small island lived an old fisherman and his wife. They were very happy seeing this group of unexpected swans. Then they feed this group of swans with some little fishes and feedings originally for chickens. But this group of swans didn’t continue flying to the south when winter comes. They can’t get the food when it iced on the lake surface. Then this old couple just open their shelter to accept this group of swans, providing them warmth and food, till ice changing into water the next spring. They continue to be kind to the swans in their life years remained. But one year they were just too old and had to leave this small island. Finally those swans disappeared. But they didn’t fly to the south but died of hunger on the iced lake surface the year hereafter upon leaving of this old couple.

Spoiled love from parents to children will only end like the story of swans as above. The spoiled children will be likely to lose life instincts and basis of survival. And they can’t adapt to the new environment anymore. Many lovely children may ruin in spoiled love from their parents.

Each child is like a piece of white paper when he comes to this world and it is their parents who is the painter for this paper. Whether it will become a draft or a famous work will depends on the painter.

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