Key Financial Tips in Marriage

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Financial problem is unavoidable in marriage and it is a key aspect affecting how a marriage is going on. Christian Olson has suggested three key financial tips in managing well a good marriage. They will be helpful for you to refer to in operating your love and marriage in financial aspect.

Tip 1: Share Finances

I know of couples who have separate bank accounts. In fact, we have a separate one too. One of our bank accounts is European and one is American, since I moved to the United States to many my sweetheart. But not allowing another to use your money, or using it only for yourself can create distrust. When you made the decision to marry your loved one,I hope that you were ready to give yourself completely to that person. When I was living in Europe, waiting for a visa,I experienced it only as a minimum risk to transfer thousands of dollars to my fiancee's bank account when that was needed, because I trusted her commitment and honesty.

Tip 2: Discuss Money Matters

Now that we are married, we always inform each other if we spend more than $50 or $100 dollars on something other than gas, food, or the bare necessities. This way, we won't have to be afraid the other is going to use money for unexpected purchases. Discuss what works best for the both of you.

Tip 3: Be Generous

I know people who are complete scrooges and they annoy me to death. They are always trying to scratch the surface or get the most out of anyone they interact with. It's okay to get free food or be frugal, but please be one of those friendly neighbors or family members I know who give freely and trustingly, as long as it is reasonable. It helps you feel better about yourselves and studies have even shown it boosts your happiness hormones.

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