Some Key Love Big Data in Marriage

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Were undoubtedly living in an age of Big Data. Have you ever tried to connect love big data with marriage? Know some real data about marriage, you will be more aware of how youre going to manage your love and marriage. Those data are provided by famous American psychologist John Gottman, well known for his work on marital stability and relationship analysis through scientific direct observations.

1.  67% of couples in initial marriage will divorce within 40 years after their marriage and half of the divorce happen in the beginning of their first 7 years in marriage. Divorce rate of second marriage is 10% higher than that of first marriage.

2. People suffering from unhappy marriage will have 35% more risk of suffering from severe diseases and their life span will reduce 4 years in average. When a marriage is in crisis, not only the couples will suffer from harm, but also their children do.

3. If couples fond of doing exercise can spare 10% of their time in the gymnasium to operate their marriage rather than their health, theyll be 3 times healthier than the healthy they gain from running on a running machine!

4. The maximum success rate of marriage therapy based on conflicts resolving method is  only 35% while the success rate will be reduced to 18%.

5. 80% of couples end in divorce will just think that breaking of their marriage mainly owes to estranging each other and losing of intimacy, or not feeling love and appreciation to each other; and only 20% to 27% of couples just claim that breaking of their marriage partly owes to their love affair.

6. When it comes to satisfaction degree on sex, romance and passion within their marriage life, wives claim that this 70% depends on quality of friendship of the two couples, so does the husbands. Therefore, men and women are from the same planet.

Just as a hole in a stone is not formed one day, a marriage will end not just in one day. Signs may occur in daily life when a marriage meets crisis. It depends on your own feeling and vigilance to find and sense.

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