Whether to Continue A Marriage with Someone Who Betrayed You?

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Betrayal within a marriage is a devastating hurt to the woman. Just as many men cannot tolerate their women’s betraying, women just will never forgive those who betrayed them within their marriages.

Men and women are born quite differently. Men are usually very reasonable while women are very sensitive. It has been common that a marriage will end with divorce if the woman betrays first while men who betray within a marriage will often be forgiven within a marriage.

Will you continue a marriage with someone who betrayed you? Have you ever heard of the story as below:

The granddaughter asked her grandma: “what is it that makes you maintain your marriage relationship with grandpa for as long as 70 years?”

Pointing to the small white and black TV set in the cabinet, grandma said : “in our young ages, we just wanted to repair everything that had been broken, rather than to replace them with new ones instead. While young people nowadays just want to replace anything broken or old.”

What the grandma answered means a lot. It is okay to repair anything that has been broken. While a new one replacing the original one is just not from the originality.

I share this story here is not to persuade you to forgive the person who has betrayed you, but just to show that we should try our best to cherish our love and relationships.

It’s very easy to meet, know and love someone. Why is it so hard to maintain the relationship? Marriage is all about management on your relationship. How could you accompany with each other till your old ages if you just want to escape or avoid in front of hardships?

Of course, you may connive your partner’s wrong deeds if you just choose to forgive and tolerate. People’s heart is just soft and cannot be hurt repeatedly.

Replacement is a reasonable solution if something has been broken the first time. If it is broken the next time, you had better change a new one.

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