Will You Choose to Marry Men Raised by Single Moms?

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The term family-of-origin is no longer strange for us as it is greatly tied with our life especially by the time you choose your marriage and your life after marriage. Moreover, it has been talked about by more and more emotional experts and psychological experts. Yes, your family-of-origin affects you much, including your own personality, your marriage and even your kids. But life cannot be perfect for everyone and more and more families are confronting with problems such as divorce or severe disease of a parent which may cause breaking up of a family and children raised by single parents. Relevant statistics has estimated that the number of one-parent families has increased substantially since 1950.

Think about is, will you choose to marry men raised by single moms?

Indeed, life cannot be perfect for everyone, especially for those who grow up in single parent family. They may be lack of enough warmth and love in their heart due to suffering loss since an early age, still you can find a lot of good qualities on them, especially from men raised by single moms. Referring to the following good qualities of many men raised by single moms, will you hesitate to marry them any more?

They are kind to women.

Men raised by single moms are often kind to women and know how to respect women properly since they’ve got along with their mom, a female model in their life, for a long time. Especially for men who had ever been raised up by a hard-working mom with good personalities.

They know what they really need.

For men raised by kind hearted single moms, they had experienced a hard life since a young age and realized the importance of being independent on their own. At the beginning of the time they had to accept the truth of losing their father, they may feel tough and unacceptable but gradually they may be able to adapt themselves. With the more and more choices to be made by themselves and journey to be step forward, they gradaully learn what they really need and want in their own life.

They are good at communicating.

As they need to communicate with their moms more often, men raised by single moms have practiced more in expressing their own emotions and needs and they are gifted in communicating about themselves and others, especially emotions and feelings of female. If you choose to marry a man like this, you won’t have any problem in getting him understand you.

They’re rational rather than emotional.

Unlike men with complicated family or relative relationship, men raised by single moms are often rational than emotional as they have to be alone with themselves fixing a lot of things rather than depends on others too much. They’re often rational in making decisions, in confronting with difficult situations or emergencies.

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