Why Attraction Is All about Investment?

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Investment, investment, investment. That’s what it comes down to.

No, I’m not saying go become a hedge fund manager. Rather, you need to invest less in women.

To demonstrate how this links into that irresistible, emperor-like respect, I want you to think of a man for whom you have great respect in your own life. It could be someone you don’t know personally, but ideally it should be a guy you do. Perhaps a boss or mentor. A man who you greatly respect, are in awe of, and perhaps even slightly intimidated by.

Would you ask him to go grab some groceries for you on the way home? Would you annoy him and badger him on about some nonsense? Would you ask him to do things for you? Demand he buy you things?

No, of course not! And you know if you did, you’d probably get a boot in the ass!

The kind of respect you have for that man is the kind of respect that — for women — goes hand in hand with intense attraction.

And what does it all come down to? Investment.

Investment equals attraction

Most guys make a terrible mistake when chasing girls. They make the mistake of thinking that it is their investment in her that counts.

So they take her on extravagant dates. They take her for rides in their fancy McSchmancy car. They wine and dine her for months. They buy her elaborate designer clothes that fit her perfectly. (They know her clothing sizes from all those times they’ve gone shopping with her.) And the list goes on.

And where do they end up? Her Obiter-in-Chief. The Friend Zone Mayor.

Meanwhile, she’s doing Chad Thundercock. And Chad don’t do nothing for her. Oh, except that one time he gave her that “monkey see no evil” trinket he got sick of having in his apartment.

Now, while this is obviously an extreme example, you see milder versions of this happening every day.

It is not your investment in her that matters, but her investment in you that counts.

The more you invest time, effort, and money into her, the more you want her. The more you chase her down and throw investment at her, the more attracted you will be and the more she will consume your thoughts. But because she’s not investing in you, her feelings for you won’t be affected iota.

Put simply, as her investment doesn’t change, nor does her attraction or desire for you.

So what do you do?

You need to turn it around. You see...

The more invested she is in you, the more attracted to you shell will be...

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to invest. But just enough. Enough for her to feel safe investing in you. Then let her invest in you.

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