Communication Is A Cornerstone of Good Sex

Author Bradley Martin From Sex: Every Man’s Guide to Make Her Orgasm and Equally Satisfied 1505

Men and women are different in so many ways, but in other ways, men and women have a lot in common. One of those things is sexuality. Sexuality is based on communication, both sexually and intellectual. It’s about the whole person- not just your junk!

A four-letter word for sex? It aren’t the one you’re thinking (you dirty dog, you). It’s T-A-L-K. And not just dirty talk, either (although that there is so much fun, we’ll be talking about it a little later). Talk; communication is a cornerstone of good sex. 

A lot of guys are trained from infancy to suck it up. We’re taught that we’re not supposed to share what we’re thinking, or feeling. We’re just supposed to such it all up and shut ourselves off, because we’re so damned tough. I call bullshit on that one, especially when it comes to keeping your woman satisfied in bed. Her satisfaction is your satisfaction; so take the time to open up your man vault. It won’t hust a bit and you’ll feel not only better but also like more of a man because you’re getting yourself free of all that crap we’re taught about how we should act, think and feel. Talk to your woman. Talk about sex. Talk about orgasm. Talk about how she likes to get there and how you can be there with her to enjoy it. Talk, just so we’re clear, is also a four-letter word for “orgasm”. It’s part of what you need to do to become the “O” master you know you can be.

Being present to each other’s differences, embracing and celebrating them is your launching pad to enjoying orgasms that shatter her, shatter you and help you play the music of the sexual spheres when you’re between the sheets, doing what comes naturally. It’s all brand new, but part of being a man is going on quests and odysseys and incredible, open, orgasmic sex with your woman is just one more manly quest you want to go on.

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